And we're done.

We've finished a pretty good game, I think. No major bugs outstanding, no polish left absent. A game I enjoy playing is all I ever really want to make any given pyweek, and I feel pretty good about Atlantis.

In extra good news, that leaves plenty of time for the 1 hour np181hke mini-pyweek we're doing tonight. As always any feedback is appreciated.

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What's this "1 hour np181hke mini-pyweek" you speak of?
We're doing another pyweek entry, with a bunch of previous collaborators, all in 1 hour.
+1 would encourage again
I really like this game, and I'm glad it did well. :) Are you planning on doing any more work on it after PyWeek? There are still a few bugs: * I crashed twice on the boss level (I pasted the traceback into my rating comment) * it looks like if you *don't* select the tutorial, the first level is not in tutorial mode, but the game reverts to tutorial mode on level 2 Other than that, I +1 the feature request for piece rotation (I don't think it would make the game too easy -- there are lots of other limitations on piece placement -- but it would add an extra element of fun and skill). A high score list would also be cool, so that players can have a record of how far they've got post-boss. :)
Those both sound doable, but my next python project is a "so simple you could do it in a day" game networking library.