PyWeek - Polearm Literacy - feedback

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4 4 4

unfortunately I got an error at the level 10 (I think): Traceback (most recent call last): File
"", line 63, in File "", line 37, in run
self.active_screen.update() File
"C:\Data\GamesData\Pyweek18\polearmliteracy\final\src\screens\", line 358,
in update if self.frame>self.frames_until_start and self.difficulty and
self.difficulty!='boss': TypeError: unorderable types: int() > str()

4 4 3

Fun to play, ran nicely, and had really nice looking graphics. I liked the way that the tutorial
bled straight into gameplay and the new challenges introduced at higher levels.

3 5 4

Really good take on tower defense! Great variety of enemy units. I found the challenge level
just right, and the boss battle sufficiently epic. I could have used the tip about just putting
stuff everywhere a little earlier.

3 3 3

The random nature of the pieces makes this rather frustrating as a tower defense game, but
otherwise this is a well-executed and solid entry.

I would have preferred a slightly stronger connection to the theme.

4 5 5

Great concept. With a few extra enemies and block types would easily have got maximum fun too.

5 5 4

you are my favourite!

2 4 3

I like, but gets boring

4 5 4

I really enjoyed playing this game. It is my favorite. The art is amazing. Good job!

5 5 5

This is definitely one of my favourite games from this challenge, and I look forward to playing
it again, repeatedly. Well done! :) I found a bug, though -- the game crashed while I was
fighting the boss: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 63, in
File "", line 38, in run self.active_screen.draw(self.window) File
".../Atlantis/src/screens/", line 532, in draw enemy.draw(window) File
".../Atlantis/src/enemies/", line 105, in draw image=self.image() File
".../Atlantis/src/enemies/", line 249, in image return
self.grabframe(conns[dir][otherdir]) File ".../Atlantis/src/enemies/",
line 103, in grabframe return list[self.animationframe%len(list)] TypeError: object of
type 'NoneType' has no len() I have reproduced this a second time. In both cases it happened
after I had been playing the boss level for a long time, so it may be something that happens if you

3 4 4

A good concept, and very well executed

3 4 2

Very good 8-bit style graphics and sound, a very polished and completely playable game. It
could be even better if the player had any control on the blocks. Randomness seems a weird
choice in this case because it feels completely unfair. My first play I got a lot of guns but no
crystals so I couldn't advance level. Yes, there's some skill involved in the placement of the
blocks, but I'd be amazing if I could influence what kind of block they are. That could offer new
possibilities allowing more strategy and some planning. Nevertheless a fast paced tower
defence game. One of the best entries of this PyWeek, congratulations!

4 4 4

Nicely done. Challenging. Comfy ramp up in difficulty. Appealing to the eye. I did go quite a
long period without a power module thing, so my fortress was getting wrecked at the end because
none of my guns had power. This seemed rather unfair/unbalanced. Overall a decent game.

5 4 4

Really enjoyed this. Came back to it again and again. I found it took a few plays through the
tutorial, before I was able to build a reasonable defence. This probably means the tutorial
needs to start out more gently.

4 4 2

Good job.

4 5 4

Another fantastic game from a team I've come to expect good things from.

My first experience was somewhat confusing, but I managed to figure things out. The second
time around I noticed the tutorial.

Keep up the great work!

2 4 4 yes

This is a game with an 8-bit STYLE, not an 8-bit THEME. I like the concept of adding a puzzle-type
aspect to a turret defense game, though I really wanted a piece rotate key. Sometimes the
sharks would destroy my fort and then swim-waltz right past my pearls, maybe this was
intentional. The music got a little repetitive but it was nice, especially the level ending

3 4 3

Did you create all of the art yourselves? Nice work! The sound also turned out fairly nicely
although I'm not sure how I feel about the background music after playing it for a while.

4 4 4

Goddamn sharks. The title screen is gorgeous.

5 5 5

very good game, it is well linked with the theme, the system of the tower defence is something
new, the graphic and the sound taste of very retro 8-bit style and the game is very fun.
Sometimes (when i loose) the game makes me nervous, but in positive way, in that moments i want
to try again the level, the difficult is well balanced. Very good job :D

4 5 4

Fun! I liked it a lot.

5 5 4

I found this a lot of fun. It did get tricky towards the end (level 10)! Nice work!

3 4 3

Good job guys. Considering how quickly you pushed this out, it is well done.

4 4 3

Great game. I loved it!

1 4 3

Interesting game, but the randomality of it really ruins it. Only one out of the 5 games I tried
actually gave me the right set of tiles to both get a gun, a crystal and a way to connect to them. I
think the ability to rotate the pieces you get and decreasing randomality to ensure the player
gets something he can build would have made it a lot more playable.