A little preview in-battle during a round of Hyperturret Defense


Hey! We're a group of Grade 11 kids from Ontario, Canada who are all interested in the field of computer science. Our computer science teacher introduced us to the the PyWeek challenge and encouraged us to participate in order to test our skills. We are all very excited to get started and have a sort of real hand at the trials and tribulations of game development! We hope to have fun during our time. -101 Factorial


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Hyperturret Defense Zip.zipfinal
Hyperturret Defense - Sorry for the re-uploads. There was some communication issues between the group. Here's the final version.
SamRaisbeck 2014/05/18 21:54
A little preview in-battle during a round of Hyperturret Defense
SamRaisbeck 2014/05/18 04:06

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Operation MetalGearPyweek is a go!

Our team, Team 101 Factorial Dev team was extremely excited after hearing that this year's theme was 8-bit! All of our members are working diligently on several classes. Everything is coming along quite well. We can't wait to see the end product and to share it with the world! Wonder how much the other teams have progressed......

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Final Day

Finally finished with Pyweek 18! We just had some last minute file sorting to do, as we mainly worked in different places communicating over Skype. It was certainly an experience, and I definitely gained a lot of knowledge during this week. I want to thank my team for their hard work and dedication throughout the week. It was a pleasure partaking in this competition and worth doing again. The amount of satisfaction after completing it was awesome. It's also pretty great that a handful of grade 11 students, most of whom had just started learning to program the previous year, or even this year in 2014, managed to pull off a game like we did. It may not be Super Mario Brothers, but it's sure an accomplishment, especially to do so in one week. So the only question is: when is Pyweek 19? :)

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