PyWeek - 101 Factorial Dev Team - feedback

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4 4 3

Very good game!

3 3 3

It's always the planes that get me.

3 3 1

The execution was great, though the concept didn't hold too much weight. The high-cost
weapons were a bit disappointing, and the game had nothing that made the later levels anymore
interesting than early levels.

3 3 3


4 4 3

This one was actually quite fun!

4 4 2

Not a bad tower defence game. Balance is a bit off. You plant a few $100 towers, and you're
guaranteed to win. For a high school team, I'm impressed.

5 3 3

Fun tower defense game.

I would have preferred a stronger connection to the theme, but the overall effort is very

3 3 3

The game was quite fun, but I rapidly got stuck in a state from which it was impossible to lose --
the enemies weren't increasing quickly enough to pose a challenge to my densely packed grid of
cheap turrets. If you develop this game further, I would suggest increasing the rate at which
the waves of enemies grow, adding new, deadlier enemies, or possibly adding more limitations
to what kinds of turrets can be purchased each turn (e.g. a pool of available turrets of each
kind which needs to be refreshed).

2 4 2

A thoroughly by-the-numbers tower defense. Right down to the fact that I was able to survive
for half an hour with just the standard tower, playing another game on my phone and checking in
every minute or so to click "Start". So it isn't the most thrilling game ever, but it looks good,
is easy to use, and runs smoothly. Not bad, overall.

4 4 3

A superb first effort.

I really enjoyed this game despite its imperfections. There are no obvious bugs and the
gameplay is fun. The parts of the code I looked at are very well written, especially
considering the experience level of the team and the short timeframe.

I discovered quite quickly that the optimal strategy is to place as many $100 towers as
possible close to the start of the track and just add more as the cash rolls in -- the rest of the
towers don't provide enough additional benefit to be worth the cost. More variety in the
effects of the towers and enemy variations that make it desirable or necessary to invest in
more expensive towers would make the game more interesting.

The production only suffers in three places that I noticed. Firstly, the 8-bit illusion is
broken somewhat by the smooth rotation of the towers. To combat this, you could limit the
rotation to multiples of 90 degrees and use extra images for diagonals and possibly other
angles in between. Secondly, the interface provides no feedback about tower placement. It's
slightly disconcerting to click on some grass and have nothing happen. Finally, it's unclear
whether a wave has ended or if there's just a pause between enemies. A more obvious
differentiation between the "enemies are attacking" and "between waves" states would be

I'm looking forward to more games from you in future pyweeks.

2 3 1

Nice job. Needs explosions, and pixelated cannons look odd.

5 2 2

Very fun!

3 3 2

Sufficient tower defence game, although I miss the option to remove towers (and perhaps get
some of my money back). It doesn't add anything new to the genre, but it's playable. I'm not a big
fan of starting the game full-screen but it did work in my system. Finally I think the
connection with the theme is weak. Is it the graphics? The art style is not uniform enough to
identify a 8-bit style. This could be a DQ, but perhaps you tried and I know how difficult is
pixel art. Congratulations, you made a game! Kudos to your computer science teacher for the

3 2 1 yes

This entry violates the critical THEME vs STYLE rule. This was in the style of 8 bit (roughly),
but otherwise it was a pretty standard turret defense game with balance issues. It ran well and
I had fun playing it, but it really didn't stand out very much from any other turret defense game
I've ever played, besides the fact that it had poorly put together art. The shooting sound gets
extremely grating after a while. I was hoping for different sounds or animations for the more
expensive turrets.

3 2 2

Not a huge deal, but you can accidentally place turrets behind the menu right after you try to
purchase one. :) Also, sometimes the bullets seem to just run into the roads, and sometimes fly
over them. Overall fun, casual game! I do not, however, see how it fits the theme.

5 3 2

Very funny game, in my opinion not so well linked with the theme, anyway I had fun. :)

4 3 2

Good little tower defense game. Although I am not sure what is suppose to happen around level
20. Its seems to just keep going and going and going.

2 3 2

Good production. The graphics were simple, but with the sounds and the way the guns rotated
helped make them feel like actual objects, if that makes sense. Anyway, I would have liked a way
to delete the towers to build better ones later on.

4 3 3

Very nice! I enjoyed it very much.