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Save all 8 bits

Save all 8 bits is a puzzle game where the aim is to rescue all 8 bits on the board by avoiding obstacles, guns, and getting 'stranded'.


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Overall: 3.8
Fun: 3.7
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 4

Respondents: 18


File Uploader Date
final entry
jimmybob 2014/05/15 22:57
in game screenshot
jimmybob 2014/05/15 22:29
day 4
jimmybob 2014/05/15 00:59
jimmybob 2014/05/14 00:19
jimmybob 2014/05/12 21:50
very early screenshot
jimmybob 2014/05/11 23:15

Diary Entries

Day 1

Didn't spend much time on the game today but I have an idea and have toyed around with a vague plan. It is going to be a 'turn-based puzzle game' hopefully. You play as 8-bit (aka byte), a deformable robot consisting of 8 parts (bits). On each turn you can deform byte in some way. At the moment everything is a bunch of squares but I will make proper artwork at some point. My main concern at the moment is that this won't be much 'fun'. So the plan for tomorrow is to get a prototype working and see if it can be made 'fun'.

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day 2 - some progress

Well I made a bit of progress today. Just about have the core game mechanic implemented. Tomorrow will be finishing this and adding some visuals. I'm not going to be able to work on my game on Friday or Saturday but I think I'm on track to finish my quite simple game. The basic idea is that you are made of 8 bits, each of different strengths (the numbers on each bit). The aim is to get as many of the 8 bits to the goal as possible. Obstacles will weaken each bit, and it might be necessary to sacrifice some bits for the sake of the others...

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Day 3

Some progress today. Thankfully, making a couple of simple levels made be realise that the game might become 'fun' (or at least challenging) at some point. I also implemented a basic tutorial to explain to the player how to play. There are quite a few different cell types but the tutorial will hopefully dispell any confusion...

Tomorrow will be a day for general all round improvement, and possibly some level design.

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Day 4

Some progress today. I have basically a simple game with images, music, menus. I was also able to test the game with my usual tester, who seemed willing to endure playing for at least 10 minutes. Great!

I'll try to design some interesting levels tomorrow and then that will be that. No Pyweek for me on Friday and Saturday so I will submit whatever I have at the end of tomorrow.

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Day 5

Well that is all done for me, since I'm not able to work on my entry on Friday or Saturday. I did manage to get a couple of solid days in though so can't complain too much. Today I made some additional levels and added a couple of extra game features. Now to test on windows (again), and then to bed.

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