PyWeek - some_game - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 3 4

it's not that easy as it appears to be at first. good thinking, good game

4 4 4

well done

3 3 4

Not a bad puzzle game. The bit movement mechanic is quite good, and some of the puzzles are

5 5 5

Loved it.

5 5 4

Very nice puzzle game!

5 5 4

Great little game. Complete, polished, interesting, and fun.

I don't have much else to say, except that I'll definitely be playing more of this post-pyweek.

3 5 4

Great idea and the in-game tutorial was a nice touch.

3 4 4

A nice little puzzler. Impressively complete experience, for a single developer.

5 4 4

Nice. Relaxing. Friendly. Appealing appearance. Challenging.

4 3 3

Solid game and production. Wish there were more levels.

4 3 4

This is a solid puzzle game. I can see this in the app store. The music choice is nice. I'd liked to
have seen a little more effort in the visual design. Very well done.

3 4 4

The music was a little in-congruent with the vibe of the gameplay, but the graphics were nice
and the animations were really well done. Cool concept.

4 3 3

I would buy an app of this and play it at work all day.

1 3 5

I give you 5 inno since you built up some interesting puzzle logic from scratch... But next time
please make something fun. This is too boring!

3 4 5

nice game, with nice concept, graphic and music. Personally I don't love enough this kind of
game but it is well done. good work :)

3 4 4

Wasn't my favorite game, but a clever concept with a good execution.

4 3 4

There are times I'm surprised what puzzle-logical games people can invent. This is one of them
times. A good take on the 8-bit theme too.

3 3 3

Perhaps you could improve the graphics, although the truth is they are completely functional
so I can't complain too much! Very nice puzzle game, congratulations. It reminded my of
Conway's game of life :)