August 2010 challenge: “Caught”

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Birgus Latro

The largest land-living arthropod, and so much more!

Entrant: skaro


Caught in a subterranean world of coloured hexagons. Dig your way to an exit, armed only with your balls. Don't be caught by the monsters! Don't be caught by the balls!

Team: scav, Strings

Shackled Stones

  • — Another minor fix. There was an invisible tile in the way of getting into the last room of the game and we didn't discover it until just now when we played through the game end-to-end.
  • — There were a few minor issues we discovered after we submitted that caused the game to be unplayable after the 2nd temple. This should resolve those. Since this game does take a LONG time to play, we may have to do another hotfix later.
  • — Submission
People from and pals.

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, infinip, yanyan, y2kkmac, Christine, Falun, BrettS, Spears Dracona


Fruit fly adventures....

Team: alia, varmint, mperz, empress


hope to make a good game this time too :D

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Most Wanted Hipsters

A game of cat and mouse between San Diego's finest fixie riders and cops.

The game is comprised of several levels where the goal is to traverse the required miles while keeping as many hipsters from being arrested as possible.
Each level begins with a "place marker" phase. In this phase, you have to click on an intersection and drag the direction you want all hipsters to go when they reach the intersection. These markers affect all hipsters except for yourself. When you are done, you can press 'Space'

The game phase then begins. In this phase, you can control your lead hipster. Use your arrow keys to lead him around the city. If he passes by hipsters, they will start to follow him.

Lead your hipsters in their ride to spread their message without being caught by the cops!

Entrant: dummey

Encaged Tower

It's your job to make sure everybody at the Tower is working at their peak.

Those who do get to keep their jobs.

Those who don't... well...

Entrant: Tee

Pitfairy Hunter

You are a pitfairy hunter. Pitfairies are fairies living in pit caves. Your job is to hunt and catch pitfairies but watch out for pitghosts and pitfiends!

Entrant: benoxoft

SW by W for PW

FIRST VERSION RELEASED! - goal of game - run away from computer controlled ufo as long as posible or play multiplayer where you decide by yourself who is catching and who is trying not to be "caught"

Entrant: wary


Team: Srekel, viblo, Morgis

Trident Escape: The Dungeon of Destiny

Trident Escape: The Dungeon of Destiny is an game of exploring dungeons and fighting monsters in the vein of Zelda, Gauntlet or Deadly Rooms of Death. Thrill to the perils of your tiny piscine protagonist as she attempts to spear her foes with her trident and hurl them to their doom!

Team: Martin, adam, ahdok

A Game of Catch

Solitaire card game involving things catching other things. Moderately silly.

Entrant: gcewing

Escape from Wherever

You've been caught somewhere and should escape

Windows executable: (14.4 MB)

Entrant: Myran

Caught in a Cube Maze

If you get a stacktrace on startup on Python26, change the line in ($gamedir)\source\model\ replace
self.last_position = None
self.last_position = (99,99,99)

You have been CAUGHT! Can you escape from this fiendish trandimensional puzzle space?

W A S D - forward left right back
Up Down - (not finished.)
Escape - exit
Most ideas are unfinished. It's pretty much just a cube moving around a 3D maze, with some funky music. :-(

Team: tartley, mjs0, millenniumhand, Youdaman

Prism Break

You are a cunning wizard who has been captured on your way to lucrative treasure. A league of magic-hating robots have caught you flatfooted and imprisoned you in Prismguard, their fortuitous magic-nullifying gulag.

Entrant: ldle


Dozens of mice, trapped! Escape is possible, but only by working together.

Entrant: taejo

Exception Uncaught

This game is a tribute to all the programming languages, which changed the digital face of the world. We hope you enjoy our effort! Thank you. :) (press F12 to cheat)

Team: godfryd, Isameru, kyle, marloc, aminamin

Suspended Sentence

A team entry by members of the Cape Town Python Users Group. Blurb subject to change without notice. Now with more title.

Team: hodgestar, drnlm, jerith, confluence, stefanor

Mortimer the Lepidopterist

Mortimer the Lepidopterist
Complete your quest to become the world's greatest butterfly collector!

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Unnamed rpg

Will your psychic powers be enough to save you from being caught between two warring nations? Fixed version:

Entrant: saluk

Airport Maddness

Crazy running on the crazy airport!!

Entrant: maral

Secret Agent Dude Escapes

It was a solo entry, but now I have an artist. He doesn't have an account. His name is Andy. You are Secret Agent Dude. You've been caught in Evil Dude's lair and now have to escape from his henchmen. Oh yeah, hilarity and epic fights will ensue.

Entrant: donal.h


This is the team trying (again) to reboot GalaxyMage - so that is going to be our Pyweek project - at least, along those lines.

Team: RB[0], FatalFred, lorddon

Ball must be caught

Simple logic game. You control forces and sometimes basket. And ball must fall into that basket. PyGlet, PyMunk.

Entrant: petraszd


You're caught in an area of space full of black holes and checkpoints and have to use your feeble engines to activate all the checkpoints and get out. There's a multiplayer mode in which you try to get out before your oponent does.

Team: himdel, clime

You feel a sudden urge to run...

You are in your house and suddenly you feel it. It's a huge smoke monster and you don't wanna get caught by it.

Team: kcfelix, santagada, leticianunes, ruda


Go rescue the King, who has been caught and made prisoner by hostile forces. Get close to him, and he will follow you. Then lead the King to the safe place, marked with a red cross. Avoid the field of view of the enemies at all costs. If they see you, or if they see the King following you, the game is over. And be careful with the sudden turns of the enemies! Controls: [+] Move with the arrow keys. [+] Hit spacebar to release the King, so he stops following you. It may be useful under some circunstances, because the game is over if the enemies can see the King following you, but nothing happens if they see that the King is alone. Get close to the King once more and he will follow you again. [+] Toggle the music On/Off with the 'M' key. [+] Adjust the zoom level with '+' and '-' keys. Pressing '*' restores the zoom to the original level. Zoom control is only available on Easy Mode, since zooming out the map can be an advantage to get the whole picture of the enemies positions.

Entrant: marciano

Davide Rules

'ngu. (Davide's preferred "word")

Enjoy playing my "Davide Rules".

Looks like a playground game, where all the guys except you are eye patched.
So you have to say commands making them catch themselves.

Entrant: ilseppia

Catch the Cootie

A game about catching infections. It's quite incomplete.

Entrant: richard

Doctor How Caught in Chaos Pool!

You will assume the role of Doctor How Inhell, an unfamous alcoholic scientist. One stormy monday, while he was playing Billiard with some friends something strange happened... He had been caught into a chaotic ray shoot by Professor Lyapunov, an unknown mad pseudoscientist, and sent to a strange interdimensionless place called Chaos Pool (somewhere not so far from this universe). During his epic adventure he will have to understand the chaotic behaviour of a stadium billiard shape, and adapt his play skills... only empirical knowledge, luck and you will save him from an uncertain destiny... Do not try to integrate it.

Entrant: ozroc


A game telling the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. rat

Team: macrobe, SpaceBugman, KernelInfernal, mmegerl

The Catcher in the Strife

What's the story, we have no idea yet. People are shooting stuff at you from the castle, you are picking them up and shooting them back. It's insane!

Entrant: shundread

Lantern Defender

It's an action tower defense game with a spider and moths!

You are a spider, sitting in a net around a lantern. There are moths approaching for the lantern and you have to stop them. Otherwise the lantern would become darker with each moth hitting it. So stun the moths by shooting them, run to them and catch them. You earn XP with each catched moth and spendyour XP in a shop to upgrade your spider.

Entrant: Trobadour


Unlike many games in this pyweek, the idea for this game is to get caught! By gravity and a planet's atmosphere. You have been travelling through space. A freak accident has caused you to be low on fuel and thrust. You must use your limited supply of fuel and the atmosphere of the planet in order to slow yourself down and make a safe landing.

Entrant: PyTM30


  • ts2m_times.tar — They Stole Two Million (with shorter interaction times)
  • ts2m.tar — They Stole Two Million
We jit almost everything

Team: seigo, cfbolz, bivab, arigo, evgeni, stepahn, Jens, dplagge, lukas, x-cite, dinah, fabian, Jonny

Run Rabbit, RUN!

A rabbit being chased by weirdos

Team: Evdude, TheStrangeOne

The Blob

You are the blob. You get caught. Can you escape from the evil blob?

Entrant: Cody


Hunt down the greedy Pacdog to protect your precious catnip but make sure to keep away from him when he has collected a cataway - the most horrible cat repellent in existence.

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses

Coffee Maker Time, Please wait.

In this time, I start learning Java. But I write python too.

Entrant: milker

Flight of the Pink Elephant

Your wife has been captured by cannibals! Trample your way through the jungle as a one-elephant rescue mission and as with all of this PyWeek's entries — do not get caught!

You need a keyboard to play this game. If you don't have one you can still watch a video of the game to get a taste.

Team: cyhawk, bejus

Voices Under Water

Captain Bernard has lost his sailors at the bottom of the sea and he's throwing them liferings to save them.

You are Flapper the Friendly Dolphin and you have to help Bernard by catching the liferings to take them to his sailors.

Use SPACE to swim faster and the LEFT/RIGHT keys to turn. The trick is to swim horizontally for a bit to pick up speed and then turn to jump out of the water to catch the rings.


Entrant: safe