Those heartless robots...

Prism Break

You are a cunning wizard who has been captured on your way to lucrative treasure. A league of magic-hating robots have caught you flatfooted and imprisoned you in Prismguard, their fortuitous magic-nullifying gulag.


Nobody Beats The Wiz
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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.4

17% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
Screenshot-Prism Break, Pyweek 11: 'Caught' .png
Those heartless robots...
ldle 2010/08/29 01:52
Oops forgot to change controls to keypad.
ldle 2010/08/29 00:07
Only Win32 and Lin32 (sorry!)
ldle 2010/08/28 23:41
Screenshot-Prison Break.png
The wizard makes a break for the door
ldle 2010/08/24 18:51
New splash for a new game
ldle 2010/08/24 01:36
:3 Will the game ever live up to is splash screen?
ldle 2010/08/23 04:06

Diary Entries

First evening

We came up with a decent idea pretty fast, even though Caught wasn't exactly our favorite choice. We managed to setup a git repo and create an editor with a few simple functions. Tomorrow we should have a finished editor and the basics of moving around in the world.

1 comment

Game checked in

Well it has been one long week. My partner dropped out the end of the first day. I was forced to come up with a totally new and downscaled idea. I went out on a limb this Pyweek and based my game off a C Extension wrapper around libtcod. This means that I would have to compile this library for all the platforms I wanted to support.

This didn't go as planned. The guy I had setup who was able to compile lin64 and OSX for me, got busy this week and disappeared. I struggled very hard to get the extension compiled by various strangers on freenode's IRC server. Some were successful in getting it compiled but then it wouldn't work on other people's machines with the same platform.

I'm sorry OSX and Linux 64bit users!

Please try to find a machine to try my game on as there is a very solid game to be tried! Hopefully my efforts wont go to waste. Well I had a lot of fun hope you guys enjoy Prism Break and I can't wait to try all entries!