Unfinished Business

Secret Agent Dude Escapes

It was a solo entry, but now I have an artist. He doesn't have an account. His name is Andy. You are Secret Agent Dude. You've been caught in Evil Dude's lair and now have to escape from his henchmen. Oh yeah, hilarity and epic fights will ensue.


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Overall: 2.1
Fun: 1.3
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.1

20% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 16


File Uploader Date
Unfinished Business
donal.h 2010/08/28 23:45
Title Screen
donal.h 2010/08/28 23:45
donal.h 2010/08/28 23:42
S.A.D. Escape
donal.h 2010/08/28 16:09
Dude? A box?
donal.h 2010/08/26 12:14
Secret Agent Dude
donal.h 2010/08/25 15:37

Diary Entries

Got Git?

Web Browser: https://fuzzyfroggy.assembla.com/code/fuzzyfroggy/git/nodes
Public clone URL: git://git.assembla.com/fuzzyfroggy.git

I've started to use hg with hg-git, but that is in Linux. For PyWeek I'm going to be doing my dev in Windows 7, so hopefully I can get hg-git and tortoisehg to play nicely. I guess that is my task for tonight.

It felt comforting to install a game-oriented Python development environment onto a machine.

I can't wait to try another pyweek. It has been too long since I've successfully completed a game and working in Python targeting the desktop is going to be a nice refreshing break from PHP and the web.

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Rough start...

I have written a LOT of code today, accomplished a lot, and you'd think that would make me happy and mean that I was off to a fantastic start. But there was a slight problem...

All that code was complete unrelated to PyWeek (it wasn't even python. it was ... [gasp]... php). I have spend the first Sunday and the only entire weekend day of pyweek working on work.

I have to admit, I did attempt to get hg-git to work with TortoiseHg, but I failed completely. It looks like I'm going to be using a local hg repos when I'm in Window and then when I flip over into Linux to play test, I'll probably push from there (since hg-git works just fine and dandy there).

I have had some good PyWeek progress though. I have a great idea and I just hope that I can pull it off.

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WHOA - Artwork.

So yeah. I started this as a individual competitor, but I suddenly find myself with an artistic collaborator. I have art!!! I'm not going to have to ship with stick figures!!!! WOOOOO!!! Thanks Andy!

Programming wise I have a lot of the individual problems solved. Player action queuing, collision detection, click even handling, action menus... So, now I need to mush them together into one cohesive piece... by breaking them apart into separate base classes that I can then use as building blocks to create the hold.

You are a secret agent - as yet unnamed - captured by your (also currently unnamed) rival's henchmen and being escorted deep within your rival's lair. You keep breaking free and trying to escape, but are ultimately caught and continue to be escorted until you meet your nemesis. Epic battles yadda yadda heroic exploits blah blah running from exploding lair.

The play dynamic is odd. Think touch screen emulated by mouse. Kinda tower defense meets platformer. It is awesome in my head, hopefully it will be just as awesome on your machines. I'm hoping this is the prototype for an Android game, but only if it doesn't suck.

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Not gonna make it.

I'm going to upload something, but it won't be a game. I'd need another couple hours of higher brain capacity than I have for that.

Stinks. I had a good idea...