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Looks like the beginnings of something interesting! Many thanks!

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You know it was incomplete, I don't have to tell you. Better luck next time, though.

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Looked promising, but, as you said, it's incomplete and I can't do anything. There was some potential to this idea, it's a shame you didn't make it. Nice graphics (particularly the main menu).

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I could get across about one screen then the dude stopped moving and I got caught every time. I was a bit disappointed as this game looked like it could have been fun.

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Obviously unfinished but really nice artwork and game looks like it had potential.

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This does not seem to be a complete game.

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Once I pass first block, I can't do anything else.

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Looked really promising - I would be interested in seeing the actual game.

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I'm not sure whether it was playable or not. I could jump over the block and then jump forever or die.

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What i liked:
The characters
The art style
The game play (the idea of the gameplay)

What i Didn't like:
The in-responsive controls (flaky controls)
Game play (the user controlled character get's caught ever before starting the game).

Ps: This is what ive' written based on 3-4 runs of the game. May be im' not being fair but this is what i experienced.

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 7, in <module>
File "/home/peter/projects/pyweek11/entries/sad_escape-0.5/gamelib/", line 14, in main Scene( MenuBackground(), MainMenu() ) )
File "/home/peter/projects/pyweek11/entries/sad_escape-0.5/gamelib/FuzzyFroggy/", line 35, in __init__
super(MenuBackground, self).__init__()
File "gamelib/cocos/layer/", line 60, in __init__
super( Layer, self ).__init__()
File "gamelib/cocos/", line 114, in __init__ = Camera()
File "gamelib/cocos/", line 56, in __init__
File "gamelib/cocos/", line 76, in restore
width, height = director.get_window_size()
File "gamelib/cocos/", line 551, in get_window_size
return ( self._window_virtual_width, self._window_virtual_height)
AttributeError: 'Director' object has no attribute '_window_virtual_width'

Maybe I have the wrong version of cocos installed or something.

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Not a game, but it has a few nice pictures!

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Is not really playable, as it has a really really low fps (all dependencies installed..)

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I like the graphics and the game idea, but it seems like the game was just started at the time it was submitted. I just was able to jump.

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There isn't enough here to really be playable. However, this wasn't made clear in the README, so I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out how to get past the guy stopping when he hit the end of the screen.

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Pretty graphics, no gameplay. Maybe you'll finish it after pyweek? :)

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I jump over the box, and then there are no more objects. But wait, I can click on the henchman and get to jump again! Keep doing that... reach the end of the walkway... jump off into space... things just get weird at that point...

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Well, too bad you couldn't make it into a game. I'm curious to see what other ideas you had in mind for this.

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I don't have Cocos2D, so it didn't work. If you use some extraordinary library, you should include it in your package... I really don't want waste my time searching internet and installing additional libraries...