Got Git?

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I've started to use hg with hg-git, but that is in Linux. For PyWeek I'm going to be doing my dev in Windows 7, so hopefully I can get hg-git and tortoisehg to play nicely. I guess that is my task for tonight.

It felt comforting to install a game-oriented Python development environment onto a machine.

I can't wait to try another pyweek. It has been too long since I've successfully completed a game and working in Python targeting the desktop is going to be a nice refreshing break from PHP and the web.

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Yes.  This time round, our team will be using a repository on github to coordinate development.  A number of times before we've been making changes last minute and then not quite having time to finish them;  with git each mad last-minute experiment is just a branch.

Plus this time around the coding will be more equally split between team members, so we can't just take turns on "the development computer" - we'll be hacking away simultaneously.