Rough start...

I have written a LOT of code today, accomplished a lot, and you'd think that would make me happy and mean that I was off to a fantastic start. But there was a slight problem...

All that code was complete unrelated to PyWeek (it wasn't even python. it was ... [gasp]... php). I have spend the first Sunday and the only entire weekend day of pyweek working on work.

I have to admit, I did attempt to get hg-git to work with TortoiseHg, but I failed completely. It looks like I'm going to be using a local hg repos when I'm in Window and then when I flip over into Linux to play test, I'll probably push from there (since hg-git works just fine and dandy there).

I have had some good PyWeek progress though. I have a great idea and I just hope that I can pull it off.

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Good luck.  I took some time off work to do pyweek.