Tying it all together..

Birgus Latro

The largest land-living arthropod, and so much more!


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 26


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Final Copy. 4 Waves of Disco. Now with BGM
skaro 2010/08/28 23:35
Early final upload, in case bad things happen.
skaro 2010/08/28 22:23
Tying it all together..
skaro 2010/08/28 21:25
Boogie gradient (w/ placeholder disco dude)
skaro 2010/08/26 09:32

Diary Entries

Getting a head start on some music!

I never leave time to make any fun sound effects/bgm, much less even finish the compo the last few times. Time to dust off my copy of Renoise and some samples!

I'm going to try to get one song done per day up to the compo start!

So far today, I've polished off a mellow theme that I think might be nice for an overhead map scene, or maybe flying. (Go theme wings!)



Leaning towards "election" but for all of the wrong reasons...

There is a dark side of me that thinks it may actually be kind of neat to create a turn-based tactical gerrymandering game.

It's better than Federal Income Tax Hero, I suppose.


Perverse game theme idea of the day...

Why is it that nobody has successfully bridged the genre's of action packed first person shooter and Japanese ren-ai dating simulator?

or have they?



Progress.. but is it enough?

Got PGU's (Thanks Phil!) isometric rendering bent to my will last night, and have some iso tiles painted up, but I think I am going to have to re-hack in the sprite handling to use floating point tile coordinate space.
Game concept in progress:
Defend the city from highly infectious Disco Fever! Once citizens have caught the fever they dance themselves to ruin, rather than buying digital wristwatches and completing paper work. As Mayor, you will not allow this to stand! Deploy stock ticker kiosks and adult-contemporary easy listening loudspeakers to ward off the disco apocalypse!

So, funky epidemiological isometric tower defense is the order. Time to deliver!

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Beer+coding=time consuming mistakes

But the laplace solver for the boogie gradient is done...

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The final push

I have an engine, an endless supply of coffee, 20 hours, and a 20 hour long 1970s progressive rock playlist.

 It is time to code.


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Alright.. It's actually playable

But still not really the game I was hoping for. I think that with some time to add music (maybe in the 1.5 hours left?) and to add more levels,  tweak gameplay + rough edges there may actually be some fun hiding in here.

Time to make some musics!

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Finished and Funky Fresh!

For the first time in three years!

Hope the game is fun and works for everyone. It seems fine in Ubuntu Lucid and Windows Vista with up to date python and pygame. 

I'm kind of enjoying the play testing at least.. I think that there need to be difficulty and game mechanic tweaks, for sure. Too easy once you have a lot of money saved.

Happy coding to all in these last few minutes!

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Thanks for playing!

I had a lot of fun with the entries this time around too!

Just wish I could find a way to have pyweek intersect with vacation/unemployment :)