Leaning towards "election" but for all of the wrong reasons...

There is a dark side of me that thinks it may actually be kind of neat to create a turn-based tactical gerrymandering game.

It's better than Federal Income Tax Hero, I suppose.

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Well, if the "election" option would win, at least the elections for the Swedish parliament, county councils and municipalities are all held on the first Sunday of September, so I guess I won't run out of inspiration even if that "theme" would win.

2010 is an election year, so the election will be all over the place (in Sweden obviously) during Pyweek...

Will the Pirate Party gain more political ground?
Can the established parties stop "Sverigedemokraterna" before it's too late?
Will FI get their predicted "between 4 and 10 percent" of the votes?

It's all up to you in Election Tycoon 2010: Sweden Edition!
Well, uh not the first Sunday, but it IS on a Sunday!
I have a great name for a game if "election" is chosen, but I think it will be hard to make an election game interesting.
Oh man.

I want to say that the tactical gerrymandering game idea is fantastic -- well done!