Getting a head start on some music!

I never leave time to make any fun sound effects/bgm, much less even finish the compo the last few times. Time to dust off my copy of Renoise and some samples!

I'm going to try to get one song done per day up to the compo start!

So far today, I've polished off a mellow theme that I think might be nice for an overhead map scene, or maybe flying. (Go theme wings!)


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I'm not sure if you're allowed to make the music right now.  I'm pretty sure you're only allowed to use assets made during pyweek, or made at least 30 days before and publicly available.

It does sound very nice, though.
Ah, nerts. I was misremembering the clause that they had to be open and available to all beforehand. Twas practice at least. My attention span usually doesn't last long enough.
On that note, perhaps I'll clean up the source file and public domainify this one.