PyWeek - Birgus Latro - feedback

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3 4 4


2 4 4

Good game concept but a little hard to understand how to play.

3 3 4


4 3 3

Really good fun. I wonder if the player could be an actual character rather than a white square? Many thanks!

3 4 4

Fun. A bit strange, but fun. I liked the whole feel of it, even though I would have liked it more if the background were something more interesting than roads. I didn't use the pylons to win the game, though. It always sounded better to put one tower rather than two pylons, also considering that it takes time to select the pylon and put them in the right places. The graphics are good.

2 3 2

The placement square was flickery but not a bad game apart from that I just didn't find it very fun.

3 3 3

Cute mechanic, well executed. Would have liked to be able to see more of the map.

3 4 4

I think the game has potential, but it wasn't very challenging.

2 3 3

Not enough interesting gameplay to go with the concept

4 3 3

It makes fun. Cannot explain why :)

2 2 3

Nice story but it's a tower defense :(

5 4 5

Probably my favorite game from Pyweek 11!
Had lots of fun!

4 3 3

Marked up for fun, because it was surprisingly addictive.

4 4 4

It took me a while to figure out a decent strategy, but once I did it switched from "too hard" to "too easy". (It didn't help that I was playing the old version the first time around, and catching every single person was a bit tricky.) Having to scroll around all the time was a bit frustrating. It felt like I was playing through a periscope, which detracted from the fun factor somewhat.

Despite that, a decent game. Well done.

2 2 2

An unimaginative tower defense with a very very weak connection to the theme but I imagine it was fun to make. The difficulty "curve" is pretty flat, the first level is hard because you have no idea about the game but then it doesn't get any harder (it actually gets easier because you can save up ridiculous amounts of money). Even as a tower defense it's not much — there are only three types of towers and I wasn't even able to tell if there was any difference between them. The implementation is hairy. Scrolling around the map is choppy and the guys appear to walk inside the walls at times.

You must have learnt a lot making this game and I hope you try something more original next time!

2 3 3

Rendering a bit glitchy -- sometimes characters flicker in front of and behind walls.

3 4 4

I had some fun with this one, but it is quite easy to just use the cheap speaker and place them on all map exits.

4 3 4

Once you get a few loudspeakers going it gets a bit too easy. Anyway: Funny game!

4 5 4


4 3 4

First time I played it, I couldn't finish the level, but once I'd worked out what to do, all the levels were rather trivial. More levels needed :) (Great music, I left the splash screen open while writing this)

3 4 2

It was a decent tower defense game, but it lacked the features many users, such as myself, have come to expect from the genre.

I appreciate the basic presence of music and sound effects, it improves quality.

3 3 3

It was pretty fun, when I figured out how it worked. But then it was over :(

2 3 3

A cute take on tower defense, and a good, creative use of the theme. It was a bit too easy, though. I only ever had to use the cheap speaker.

2 3 2

Fun, but too easy. Only the first time I played, I went overboard and used up all of my money on the
first wave and then there was nothing I could do on the second wave.

4 4 3

Not a fan of tower defence -- but still manage to win the game. Nice one.

3 2 2

A very easy tower defense game. I like the theme.