Catch the Cootie

Catch the Cootie

A game about catching infections. It's quite incomplete.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 3.0

Respondents: 23


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Catch the Cootie
richard 2010/08/28 23:17
final, incomplete
richard 2010/08/28 23:15

Diary Entries

Here we go...

I've been quite inspired by the theme this time around, which is a little unusual for me.

I have a game idea, and it doesn't seem to suck when I describe it to people.

In terms of code, I have:
  • level being loaded
  • player walking around and ... "shooting"
  • NPCs walking along pre-defined paths
I have tons to do, and I'm not sure how much I'll get to do, but it'll be fun to see how far I get...
  • "pickups"
  • NPCs making up their own paths*
  • player "levelling up"
Yes... "pickups" and ... "levelling up" ... heh ...

This is a new one for me since the map in this game is not regular.

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Irregular game field navigation mesh construction and solving

So I have code for creating and solving a nav mesh for my irregular game field which is cool - I've only ever worked with regular fields before. It could use some further path optimisation to remove some unnecessary corners, but it'll do for now.

The code is quite modular too so it's eminently shareable once things are all done. It's nowhere near optimised - quite brute-force in places at the moment.

So, now I need "pickups", more "shooting", some "baddies", and "levelling up"... and then maybe some improved graphics.

This could be fun... :-)

p.s. yes, the quotes are intentional ;-)


Important milestone reached: hankie wiping

Adults now apply the hankie. Yes.

In other news I've been tweaking the navmesh solver code so it's a lot nicer. I'm looking at path optimisation ideas, but I really should focus on getting more gameplay done.

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Throwing in the towel

I've given up on the concept - I'm just not sure it's going to make a good game. Also I'm bushed from a solid week at work.

I will upload what I've managed so far, and I'll write up some about the ideas I had.

I also intend to write up a post talking about the navmesh generation / solving I used, as that's potentially useful to others (the A* code I've got is way, way simpler and more Pythonic than other Python A* code I've seen).


"final" version submitted

I've uploaded version 0.1 - the nowhere-near-complete-by-far version of the game.


The IDEAS file in the game ZIP indicates things I intended to implement. The biggest one not done is the collection (catching) of new infections from around the playing area.

Other important things not mentioned in that file that I didn't implement:

  • player collision with the level (yes you can walk through walls)
  • detection of the end of the level

Both really easy but as I mentioned previously I just ran out of energy to keep going with this game.

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I figured it out...

I figured out why I was so lacking in energy and drive on Friday and Saturday (the days I was planning on working big time on the game) ... I'd caught the flu. How ironic :-)

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Nagivation mesh solving

As promised a while back I've written up a post about how I implemented navigation in my game this time around. It's different to previous games I've written because the playing field is irregular (not on a grid).

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