Throwing in the towel

I've given up on the concept - I'm just not sure it's going to make a good game. Also I'm bushed from a solid week at work.

I will upload what I've managed so far, and I'll write up some about the ideas I had.

I also intend to write up a post talking about the navmesh generation / solving I used, as that's potentially useful to others (the A* code I've got is way, way simpler and more Pythonic than other Python A* code I've seen).

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Sorry to see you throw in the towel richard :(
If I can work through the night tonight, then I might end up with a game. Otherwise this was a great week of naval gazing.
Dammit, how am I going to ever write my *own* Pythonic A* code now that you've gone and cracked the nut already? Inconsiderate!
That's too bad. :(

I admit that this Pyweek I'm not very excited with my concept either. Maybe it was the theme. Still, I think I can finish (most of) it anyway, so let's see what can be done until the deadline.
Gah, I feel the same way about my game concept. It is just not nearly as exciting or cool as I had first imagined. 

Sorry to see you go =( Hope all is well at work! 
Well dang - I'm opposite you lot, love our game and idea, but it is soooo ambitious I doubt we'll finish very much :S