Irregular game field navigation mesh construction and solving

So I have code for creating and solving a nav mesh for my irregular game field which is cool - I've only ever worked with regular fields before. It could use some further path optimisation to remove some unnecessary corners, but it'll do for now.

The code is quite modular too so it's eminently shareable once things are all done. It's nowhere near optimised - quite brute-force in places at the moment.

So, now I need "pickups", more "shooting", some "baddies", and "levelling up"... and then maybe some improved graphics.

This could be fun... :-)

p.s. yes, the quotes are intentional ;-)

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Great, I like surprises. :)
What dark plans are you putting into motion in your evil laboratory...

In fact, my game also has irregular field, pickups, shooting, baddies, leveling up, and needs improved graphics. But none of mine are in quotes, so...