PyWeek - Secretive Suswatari - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 5

Cute! As incomplete as it is, I still played around with it for a bit because it was interesting.

4 3 3

Great potential, I had fun playing that game.

3 3 3

Love the sound effects. Many thanks!

2 2 3

It's a shame this game is incomplete, it's very promising. I particularly like this idea, it sounds like it would have been fun. Despite that, it's still fun to try to infect the most people you can. :) I would like to see it finished.

2 3 2

Nice graphics and sound. Obviously not finished.

1 4 3

This doesn't seem to be a complete game.

2 3 3

Looking like it might have shaped up to be an interesting game. Sorry to hear about the attack of flu.

2 2 3

If it had been a game...

2 3 4

I couldn't seem to infect everyone

2 3 3

A promising idea. I would have liked to see more of it.

4 3 3

Walking around and infecting people was a lot of fun. I had no idea what I had to do in order to win the game. Also, is the purple girl significant in any way?
I was really torn for the "production" rating: I really liked the graphics and the animation - but I also encountered some programming glitches (e.g. purple girl randomly jumping to different locations sometimes)

1 2 1

Unclear how this game should be played, as the readme had no instructions. Also, the game crashed after 1 minute in or so in my 3 tries..

2 1 2

The idea is intriguing too bad it's in early stages of realization! The girl keeps teleporting around and healing everyone.

4 3 4

Funny and hilarious! I'd like to play it as a complete game.

1 1 3

good idea. bad production.

2 2 3

Interesting idea, but not completed game.. And the sound is very annoying...

3 3 4

Pretty good for a game as unfinished as it is.

Aside from the unimplemented bits mentioned in the IDEAS file, I'm make the mucus counter subtract the cost of the attack rather than reset it to zero. Using anything other than "cough" required running around without doing anything until the charge reached 60%, which is a bit tedious.

3 3 4

A little gross, but fun.

2 2 4

I feel unclean now.

2 3 2

Games need a goal, or a more complicated sandbox so players can come up with their own goals.

3 2 4

Malicious fun. *coughcough* ... but not a game yet, I suppose.

2 1 2

It's a pretty nice idea, anyway, and I had a little fun trying to get up to 100% infection in spite of myself. This is probably obvious to you now, but I really think that pathfinding should have been the last thing on your mind when you were going into this game. I think maybe you could have pulled it off if you'd kept the AI a little simpler from the start. :)

1 2 2

Unfinished entry, it's just a sandbox with the possibility of doing one thing and one thing only.