August 2010 challenge: “Caught”

Mortimer the Lepidopterist - HTML5 port of Mortimer the Lepidopterist

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2013/02/16 21:25

Is now online at



Mortimer the Lepidopterist - Mortimer the Lepidopterist: Windows version

Posted by Cosmologicon on 2010/11/16 16:39

Finally available on my website! Enjoy!

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The Catcher in the Strife - The Catcher in the Strife: Postmortem

Posted by shundread on 2010/09/14 10:51

Here's the postmortem for my entry, in awesome video format.



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Davide Rules - Thank you all!

Posted by ilseppia on 2010/09/13 14:39

Wow, I'm really happy after reading your comments. I'l try to work on a post-competition release as soon as I have some free time. I agree with most of you that controls a bit clumsy. But I really don't find a better way to do it. At first I planned to use arrows to move and [QWE-ASD-ZXC] square of keys to say directions... but they were really too many keys so I changed it to mouse control... If you have any suggestion please write it down. Many thanks for all your hints, I'll try to put them in the next release.
And congratulations to all the entires, I had fun in playing your games.

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Catch the Cootie - Nagivation mesh solving

Posted by richard on 2010/09/13 06:16

As promised a while back I've written up a post about how I implemented navigation in my game this time around. It's different to previous games I've written because the playing field is irregular (not on a grid).

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You feel a sudden urge to run... - Feedback is Awesome

Posted by kcfelix on 2010/09/12 17:40

Well, the contest ended and the score was even better than I expected. The "bad" comments were along what I expected (it isn't really a game, isn't finished, etc), but what surprised really was the compliments. It seem that due the nature of the challenge, everyone is very willing to give a chance to see the good side of games. We've messed up on the packaging failing to notice that the inclusion of pyglet and cocos weren't working until the last moment, forgot to take the numpy dependence in account (due to the cocos particle systems that we included at the very end), and even then we've got 0% DNW.

People seemed forgiving of the downsides and pointed out how they liked the art style or how the wall jumping was nice (to some, at least :)). It was very motivating to see people commenting that they would play the complete game. So, thanks fellow pyweek participants for all the constructive criticism!

P.S.: It surprised me, though, that nobody complained about the most annoying jumping sound ever :D


Birgus Latro - Thanks for playing!

Posted by skaro on 2010/09/12 01:19

I had a lot of fun with the entries this time around too!

Just wish I could find a way to have pyweek intersect with vacation/unemployment :)


Most Wanted Hipsters - Thanks everybody.

Posted by dummey on 2010/09/12 00:57

I just wanted to thank everybody who played my game. I also want to thank all of you on enduring the silly music loop. My tester and I never ran into this issue because we always exited after a single run. Very silly mistake on my part.

As to everybody's comments. I want to know they are extremely appreciated. I feel much more encourage to revisit the concept of this game and create a polish product after reading them! 

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Voices Under Water - Ooops! Occasional Seg Fault running Voices Under Water

Posted by safe on 2010/09/02 20:19

Unfortunately some people are having problems running Voices Under Water (Team Superfly Funky Stuff) and getting a Segmentation Fault before even seeing the menu screen ... :( ... it looks like there's a problem loading up the background music which is an OGG file.  Whether there's a problem with OGG files in general, this OGG file in particular, or the version of AVbin you may or may not be using, I've yet to find out.  If you're experiencing problems, here's the quick fix:

  1. Download the MP3 music file VoicesUnderWater.mp3 (you might need to right-click and Save As) and put it in the data/ directory.
  2. Alter gamelib/ by changing line 25 from
    music ='04 - Voices Under Water.ogg')
    music ='VoicesUnderWater.mp3')
Let me know if you still have problems :)

btw ... Anyone else seeing this?

- Safe


Coffee Maker Time, Please wait. - If everyone has suggestion about my game ....

Posted by milker on 2010/08/31 12:41

I cannot write my game better then this.
so If everyone don't like it or any suggestion about my game.
Please let me know.