If everyone has suggestion about my game ....

I cannot write my game better then this.
so If everyone don't like it or any suggestion about my game.
Please let me know.

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Why do you say that you can't make a game better than this? What is difficult for you? i think you have some talent, and some creative ideas, but I do have suggestions.
I haven't enough time in this Challenge, and I known it before this challenge.
so I think: Maybe I can write a classic big and small game.
Yes, I can do it. then I think maybe I can write a interest game then big and small game.
and keep it something .... ( Caught feeling. )

I write this game. but It was very simple, Just 11k. ( don't has graphics and sound, just have some bug. )
Are you real like it. ( Thank you )

another thing, In the challenge week, happen
Manila 823in Hong Kong. none people would happy in here.