Feedback is Awesome

Well, the contest ended and the score was even better than I expected. The "bad" comments were along what I expected (it isn't really a game, isn't finished, etc), but what surprised really was the compliments. It seem that due the nature of the challenge, everyone is very willing to give a chance to see the good side of games. We've messed up on the packaging failing to notice that the inclusion of pyglet and cocos weren't working until the last moment, forgot to take the numpy dependence in account (due to the cocos particle systems that we included at the very end), and even then we've got 0% DNW.

People seemed forgiving of the downsides and pointed out how they liked the art style or how the wall jumping was nice (to some, at least :)). It was very motivating to see people commenting that they would play the complete game. So, thanks fellow pyweek participants for all the constructive criticism!

P.S.: It surprised me, though, that nobody complained about the most annoying jumping sound ever :D

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Indeed it is awesome! Thanks everyone for judging and congratulations to the winners, very well deserved! I've also just noticed a few great awards that were handed out. Thanks for "Least Irrelephant", Cosmologicon! :) See you in six months! (Or maybe on Pyggy.)
Wow! I got a DNW because somebody couldn't figure out my "game". Everything ran as well! I think mine was a little too subtle.
I hope you carry on with this one. The artwork is cool, has a sort of spooky feeling to it.