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Most Wanted Hipsters

A game of cat and mouse between San Diego's finest fixie riders and cops.

The game is comprised of several levels where the goal is to traverse the required miles while keeping as many hipsters from being arrested as possible.
Each level begins with a "place marker" phase. In this phase, you have to click on an intersection and drag the direction you want all hipsters to go when they reach the intersection. These markers affect all hipsters except for yourself. When you are done, you can press 'Space'

The game phase then begins. In this phase, you can control your lead hipster. Use your arrow keys to lead him around the city. If he passes by hipsters, they will start to follow him.

Lead your hipsters in their ride to spread their message without being caught by the cops!


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 3.3

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 18


File Uploader Date
Most Wanted Hipsters 0.3.zipfinal
Has a readme now.
dummey 2010/08/28 07:01
Main Screen
dummey 2010/08/28 06:44
Most Wanted Hipser 0.2.zipfinal
It plays!
dummey 2010/08/28 06:43
Most Wanted Hipster 0.1.zipfinal
Fully Playable (hopefully)
dummey 2010/08/28 02:46

Diary Entries

Let us Begin this Hip Journey

The hardest part for me with starting any game is having a good enough idea about the game that I want to create to start. I am sure every has had this feeling before. The feeling of knowing just enough about the game you want to create that you can almost taste it, but not knowing enough to determine what ingredients are needed for its construction. 

Thankfully, tonight, after some beer and a lb of burgers, I think I have finally found my game. Hipsters, in the cyclist sense, is a growing part of the San Diego culture. Critical Mass, a monthly event, has been gaining in numbers. Track racing, done primarily on fixies, has also been growing. 

So, for this challenge, I will use this local culture mashed together with pac man and pipe dream to create a monstrosity! Let the frankenstein work begin!  

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Day 3

Took a break yesterday to move some of my stuff to my new place. Very excited to get my own room soon! 

In terms of my game, I finally have something I can interact with. Great news in terms of hitting a development milestone. Downside is, I feel idiotic for some of my design decisions. When will I ever learn to not do speculative design. 

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Sick and Regrets

Staying up all night has finally gotten me sick =(. What's worse is that I stayed up working on a part of the game that probably isn't even go to make it in. 

Aside from that the game is getting close to finish. In terms of programming, I could leave everything the way it is and it would be fine. The real question if I can let myself do that. I am really split on whether I will clean up my code or add graphics and sounds. I know that the later is more important for the development of the game, but there is a part of my pride that cringes at how the code is currently laid out. I wonder if any of the other teams have similar feelings towards their games. 

As for what I have to still do, I need to make sprites for the hipsters. Some graphics for the buildings and landscape would do wonders. UI elements on the game screen need to be tweaked and colors changed (hard to decide on a color when you are color blind). And finally, the most dreaded part for me, music. If somebody can point me to a good place to nab some music and sounds for my game, I'd greatly appreciate it. 


Playable (Kinda)

In the beginning, I had this great idea. Approximately 5% of this great idea has made it into the final game. I really really need to plan things out a bit better, because there are only so many hacks that can fit into one program before everything starts breaking. 

What I have now is a playable game. It is missing some graphics, but it going to be close to what I submit. Am I happy about it? I am happy about everything that I have learned from making this game. I am, however, a bit ashamed at how the game has turned out. I'll just have to take my lessons and do better next time. 


Thanks everybody.

I just wanted to thank everybody who played my game. I also want to thank all of you on enduring the silly music loop. My tester and I never ran into this issue because we always exited after a single run. Very silly mistake on my part.

As to everybody's comments. I want to know they are extremely appreciated. I feel much more encourage to revisit the concept of this game and create a polish product after reading them! 

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