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SW by W for PW

FIRST VERSION RELEASED! - goal of game - run away from computer controlled ufo as long as posible or play multiplayer where you decide by yourself who is catching and who is trying not to be "caught"


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2
Production: 3
Innovation: 2.3

Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
final version with music
wary 2010/08/28 18:00
final menu
wary 2010/08/26 17:04
first version - without music
wary 2010/08/26 16:56
wary 2010/08/25 16:26

Diary Entries


maybe we became mad or something, when i realized, that pyweek starts in only two days and then registrated ...

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day 1

ok, i started working, but we will not have much time in weekend, due to our jobs ...

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day 2

ok, I have done lot of basic physics, but graphics are still crapy. now I will need a participation of maral to help rendering some parts (he had so more work than me! so he has not free time for challenging pyweek! I would not work so hard! :D)

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After great quarell about the topic and big fight :D we decided to work on our own... So now, it's not us together, but Me against HIM!!! And I am gonna beat him !!! And please, don't take this too serious ;-) Caio0u

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day 3

yesterday was totaly uneffective, no code was writed. but today, I have a day off in my job ...

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day 4

graphics and graphics-related code made today. see screenshot

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day 5

game is complete! you can try it and post some comments and help me testing ... but there is still no music, I am going to add it tommorow

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day 7

last day, I created some music. but if you dont like it, you can still toggle music by pressing spacebar

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