PyWeek - SW by W for PW - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 4

lots of potential to be fun. i guess there needs to be a way to measure your success...

3 3 3

The game start too fast, you can lose the game in a few seconds.

I like your graphics and your game concept, this game has potential.

2 3 2

Fun graphics. Maneuverability a bit random/off?!? Liked the music. Many thanks!

2 3 2

Changing the colour of the player's UFO with each game is a bad idea, as it causes you to lose precious moments figuring out which one you're controlling. Would be fairer to give the player a few seconds to get oriented before launching into the action.

2 3 2

This game is a lot like your previous Pyweek game, and I think it has the same problem as before, it doesn't have a fun goal. Yes, you can run from the enemy as long as you can, but that's not much fun. I think it needs more to be fun (examples: highscore with the game getting progressively harder, catching objects, reaching a point first, etc.). The music and graphics are nice, though, and the whole feel of it is nice (wobbling spaceships in space with comets that push you).

2 3 3

It looks quite nice. The bad guy doesn't always come after you if you don't move. It seems a bit pointless. It's fun for a few seconds.

2 3 2

Really love the stars, planets and comets in the background graphics and animations.

1 4 3

The ships seemed impossible to control, which led to frustrating instant death.

1 3 2

The idea ist not bad. But the game definitely needs a lot of balancing. Wouldn't hurt to slow down and/or give more space to move.

2 4 2

Good production... but gameplay is not so deep and this affects fun.

3 3 3

Good fun, although nothing really surprising.

2 2 1

It's a slight improvement over your previous game ( but I'm afraid I have to say that maral's Airport Madness is a better game although the two are very similar. Airport Madness is less bouncy so you have a firmer control over your movement which is really needed since the comets/conveyor belts take away a degree of control.

1 2 2

... o.O?

2 4 2

I got bored pretty quickly, although I'll have to admit that escaping the AI *is* hard.

3 4 2

cool but hard to steer

2 4 3

The gameplay gets boring much too quickly for my tastes. After a handful of games, I don't really have any desire to play anymore. I like the music, though.

3 3 3

I wish there was a time limit, so you win after escaping for X minutes. Or a highscore depending on how long you avoided being caught.. Playing vs. comp would be more fun if there was a way to win. Catchy tune, though. Kept the game running for a while to hear the music. ;-)

1 2 1

I think the goal is a little too simple. It would have been nice to find some way to mix it up.

1 2 1

Where's the game? Move around until you both lose?

3 3 3

I liked the idea of the game, however I've found that it's a bit difficult to stand for more than a few seconds without being caught by the computer.
It would have been nicer with some kind of HUD displaying the best time achieved.

2 2 3

I thought of Asteroids were asteroids have an AI. I think movement control is too crazy -- it is hard to predict Your movement. Maybe that's a point and I don't get it.

2 3 2

Very catchy music.