in game shot shows medals at bottom right


hope to make a good game this time too :D


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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
Fix for high score not getting saved
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/27 10:16
in game shot shows medals at bottom right
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/27 03:48
screen shot of the menu
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/27 03:48
menu, achievements done
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/27 03:43
added sounds, menu, some more patterns, Achievements System in place
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/26 19:27
added medals system, added another enemy type
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/26 13:47
particles, patterns .. its' awesome :)
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/26 04:42
first screen
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/25 15:26
game screen mockup
gizmo_thunder 2010/08/24 13:40

Diary Entries

Got Particles

I've got to a good stage where now i can concentrate on the level creation. There is still a little tweaking to be done.. Kinda happy with the progress so far. Check out the Screens and Playable demo

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Lot of Work to be done

I guess there is no point in stating this explicitly.. :) everybody seems to be in a rush to complete their games. Unfortunately i couldn't get a lot of time for this pyweek but im' happy with what iv'e achieved in 2 days. I will be working on my game tomorrow to put in the finishing touches. Here is hoping that ill' be able to complete the tasks before i start with travel plan.
In case you find time please do check out my game.

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Submited Final version

I don't think ill' be able to work on my game anymore. Have a lot of things pending other than pyweek :)
I submited the final version of the game. If i do find some time ill' try to update but this will more or less be bug fixes.

Here is a brief description of the game:

This is a never ending game where the user competes to obtain the achievements. You are trapped on the surface of a bubble. You are able to "slide" from one position on the bubble to the other. Don't let the germs on the bubble catch you. Collect all the "stars" to start a new wave.
How to play:
Move the mouse to set the direction

 Click to move in the specified direction.
The rules of game:

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Crash: Unknown .. found on

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