Escape from Wherever

You've been caught somewhere and should escape

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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.6
Production: 4
Innovation: 2.9

Respondents: 23


File Uploader Date
First version
Myran 2010/08/26 17:53
Myran 2010/08/25 20:54
Checkin' my stats
Myran 2010/08/24 15:48
Myran 2010/08/23 13:34
Fighting a skeleton
Myran 2010/08/23 04:05
First screenshot, just got up the graphics
Myran 2010/08/22 23:21

Diary Entries

Day 1

Okay, so after the first day I pretty much just managed to get up some rendering and movement code. I'm starting to get a hang of Python and PyGame now, although I could really use a decent editor with auto-complete.
My art is from Assemblee: Part 1, hopefully that doesn't break the rules (I don't think it should, the art is freely available under CC-attribution and has been up for more than 30 days)

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Day 2

So I got much further today than I thought I would, now I have enemies with some simple AI behaviour working, I have also added a whole bunch of items and a prefix-suffix system like in Diablo, I also added some sound effects. Basically I'm pretty close to having a somewhat working roguelike.

I'm starting to get really annoyed at some parts of Python though, I keep forgetting the : after if-statements, loops and functions..  oh well, hopefully I will get used to it before the week is over.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish the combat system, handle level transitions, add more enemy behaviour and make more levels, with the way this is going I'm starting to rethink my choice of not making a level editor. It took surprisingly long time to finish the first level, and I had planned on making the other levels a lot larger. 
Maybe I'll make an editor, considering the amount of items I have I will need a lot of levels to spread them out good.


Day 3

So today I managed to do everything I had planned and a bit more, I now have a completely working inventory system, I have leveling, working combat and level transitioning (walking from one level to another). So basically the game is now playable.
The balancing is a pain though, between the player stats, the enemy stats and the loot tables it's a lot of fidgeting with numbers.

Tomorrow I will hopefully just make more levels, polishing and maybe a menu, I can't really think of any other major features I need. But I've probably forgotten something as usual.

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Day 4

Another productive day!
I finished all levels, including a boss fight. I also worked on the GUI, added more sound effects, improved the controls and did a whole lot of balancing. 
The game now takes about 30 minutes to finish, which I'm a bit concerned about. At first I though a good amount would be 10 - 15 minutes because I didn't think the gameplay would hold up for any longer, and I'm still not sure it does. I'm getting very tired of it, but then I've played it for serveral hours by now.

Tomorrow I should add music, an intro screen, a death screen and some kind of ending. I will of course also do a bunch of playtesting and balancing. I would also like to try it out on some other computers, the rules says the game has to work with the latest versions of everything, but's written in Python 2.6, hopefully it will just work in a later version, but I have no idea really.


Day 5 - Finished game?

So I just uploaded my first final submission, I don't really have any plans to update it unless there are any major issues. 
Today I added music, an ending, a death screen and a start screen, I also did some more balancing and just minor polish. I'm pretty happy with the result, although the code is a bit of a mess. But I guess that is expected considering the short time limit and the fact that I'm quite new to Python.
I don't expect to be working on the game tomorrow, but I will take a look at packaging, it would be nice to be able to run the game on computers without python and pygame.