September 2006 challenge: “The Disappearing Act”

30 entries


Side Scrolling shooter. Disappear from the baddies.

Team: TenjouUtena, ataraxia


Third time for us in pyweek. This time we'll write a readme too.

We also have a new member now, IIDQD, so now our game will be fully 3D.

Team: eltriuqS, uri, IDDQD

MindlessGS: The Return

Mindless Game Studio is back again to redeem the world, with a mindless action that takes place in the dark.

Enemies include

  • snakes _/-\_o
  • bats }\o/{
  • spiders ##o

Have fun!

Team: Ron, kukkerman, Syl, goss, sanka

Team Zankar

It's actually just me, Atiaxi.

Entrant: atiaxi

The World Dissolved

An interactive novel about the disappearance of a young girl. Warning: adult language and situations.

Entrant: Phil


First time entry.

Entrant: chr15m

Sleight of Python

If I had time, I'd make time. I'm making time.

Entrant: Marlow


Genre: Platform, kind of Prince of Persia style.

The year is 2042, and everything is in the hands of private enterprise -- including espionage. As a skilled employee of InfoSneak Inc., it is your job to ferret out the secrets of targeted enterprises and governments for sale to the highest bidder.

Entrant: gcewing


  • bunny_run.tar.gz — Here is version 0.0.1 of Bunny Run. I din't finish but you can look at what it was sort of going to be like.
It's just me on this team, I've been learning python for a while (and keeping a blog about it) and I thought this would be a fun way to learn more PyGame!

Entrant: selsine


Three people who like making games with python, and the ugly duckling :P

Team: RB[0], fydo, Portal, MuggyDuck

My dog ate my homework

Adventure/action game. Isometric 3d with pyOpenGL.

Entrant: gly

Crunchy Toads

Disgruntled-Defense-Industry-Geeks that would rather be gaming.

Team: skaro, donal.h

Happy Cake Industries

All your pikelets are belong to us.

Team: kinetik, stormy, joff, Xar, swishy

Cornflower Blue

Smileys Be Gone! Smileys are taking over the world, and you are mankind's only hope!

Team: apu, robm


Two artists and programmers from sweden

Team: teppic, Skalle


just me, making a first time entry.

Entrant: simonar

Saturday Night Ninja - the disappearing clothes

An escaping ninja game. Don't be seen by walking behind guards and hiding against walls with a camouflage suit! - To try the game, please download, as the one in the torrent file is not the latest submit

Team: nikkitousen, akira44, waleni, waldo, toote, ra, perrito666, baco, elachuni, cholo, gintroini, ignacio, m4rgin4l, pdallago, dmoisset, javito

The (messy) disappearing act

Just curious. First time entry.

Entrant: DR0ID

PyAr2:Typus Pocus

The Latest Creation from Team PyAr
We hope you enjoy playing it.
People: alecu, facundobatista, leito, lucio, nubis, pabloz, riq, tenuki, yaco, nrm.

Team: nubis, leito, lucio, tenuki, alecu, chaghi, pabloz, riq, facundobatista, yaco

PrintStar Part II

Another PyWeek attempt, but this time I personally can't spare the whole week. Let see if something cool results from this try!

Entrant: PrintStar

Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit

In Richard's entry, you play Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit. You're in a garden with yummy veggies and a farmer who's not keen on you eating them. You can hide (and move around) under the ground.

Bouncy was written so it could be enjoyed by my daughter, who is about to turn 3, and by older gamers. Hence it's not a violent game and "easy" is really, really easy, and "hard" is challenging.

Entrant: richard

Urban Ninja

You are a cyber-ninja hired to infiltrate a secret base and recover the secret files hidden within. Activate each control panel to advance to the next stage. And remember, true high scores are made by quick times, killing all the enemies, and retrieving all hidden items. I am the only member of my team (all the art,code,etc. has been done by me. Sounds were freeware from

Entrant: Cthulhu32

Paper world

Fantasy paper world is in danger, you must leave city...

Entrant: Opi

The Olde Battleaxe 3

Our entry is called: Colonel Wiljafjord and the Tarbukas Tyranny.

The Olde Battleaxe is back! Not that we went anywhere or anything ... Past pyweek games: dynamite, zanthor. Use pgu!

Team: philhassey, timinge


Pyweek is a wonderful excuse to expand knowledge. This time, it's Opengl.

Entrant: evilmrhenry


Protect yourself by correct spell typing.

Entrant: fidlej


Team: jvloothuis, robrecht, jjmurre


Oh dear. Never touched python before this monday, entering late because I wasn't sure if I could get something working. Game is going to be a very low-fi platformer (surprise surprise).

Entrant: DrPetter

Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies

Catch the fireflies and watch out for their death rays!

Team: pekuja, Hectigo, JDruid

Devoid of Responsibility

Our last entry was under SnV and we've switched up our team a bit this time. Due to the timing of the competition (start of the school year) a lot of our members are unavalible or on very reduced time. We're taking a much more relaxed approach and hope everything turns out well.

Team: erik, Jay, rtm1