September 2006 challenge: “The Disappearing Act”

Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit - A Bouncy bugfix and joystick release

Posted by richard on 2007/06/16 03:19

I've just released a new version of my PyWeek entry Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit which has some bug fixes for the latest PyOpenGL.

Thanks, Paul Holt, for the patches! Enjoy!


Paper world - Finished

Posted by Opi on 2007/04/07 22:39

I haven't had time to do this over the week, so I coded as crazy frog today :]

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ThreeLittlePygs - Post pyweek

Posted by RB[0] on 2006/10/11 18:39

We havent had a lot of time to work on the game following pyweek,
but I have put about 6 or 7 hours into it.

So here is our "if we only had one more day" release.
It fixes many of the problems pointed out here.

You can now see which weapon is selected, game-play is faster and less choppy(you dont even need psyco to be able to run ;)), and it should use less cpu, among others, for a more complete list look at the changelog file that comes with the game.

The changelog also contains some *possible additions that we were planning, but most of the have been chopped.

We are hoping to wrap the game up very soon, so we can start working on a sequel that will integrate even more of the things people asked for and some of the things e wanted to do that would be too much work the way the code is now.

Any and all comments are welcome, but all but the most simple will likely wait for the sequel.

The game is now hosted by sourceforge and the link is,



ThreeLittlePygs - Requests for pyweek 4....

Posted by RB[0] on 2006/10/05 18:03

If its not too much more to ask...

    Could there be a page that keeps track of everyone who entered, instead of just everyone who submitted an entry? Because there are a lot of questions in them that I think would be nice to keep.
    Could there be a search function for finding diary entries/comments? It's very annoying IMO to go through each diary entry untill you find what youre looking for.
    And finally, on the main page( the website only holds a certain number of diary entries - the newest - on the page itself.
    So, if you want to find an older entry you have to through each teams pages untill you find it.
    Could you instead have a 'next page' button at the bottom of the diary listing.
    That way it will keep all of the entries easily accessible
Sorry if these are too much, but they'd make the webiste look/feel a lot nicer IMO.

Gotta run. But I'll be back later if you have any need of clarification,etc. As I have found I often make typos or say something oddly, if I dont pay attention or am rushed ;)


Sleight of Python - Quadtrees

Posted by Marlow on 2006/10/02 20:19

To aid with collision detection and to speed up drawing, I added some quadtree code to my game and uploaded it to the pygame cookbook. It comes with a small example showing how to use it.

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The (messy) disappearing act - After competition comments

Posted by DR0ID on 2006/09/30 08:22


Thank you for your comments. As it is my first time entry, I made some mistakes and yes, as many pointed out, the concept has potential, but the implementation did no turn out how I wanted it. In fact its a raw prototype.... perhaps next time I will concentrate more on gameplay :-)

For the interested one, I used PovRay to render the graphics (and the model are made with the Blobman macros).


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Urban Ninja - Post-Mortem

Posted by Cthulhu32 on 2006/09/25 23:42

So its a few days after the contest, I'm very happy getting 5th place, but mad at myself for leaving that name bug in (would have put me up to 4th place at least without it.)

I had a really good time with this contest. Everyone on #pyweek was entertaining to chat with, lots of good discussions and helping ideas for my game. I was happy to see my input got into Richards game (digging to avoid the farmer! :) )

Overall Progress
I made A LOT of progress from where I stood as a programmer and a game developer last year. I ranked last on everything but production last year, and made a personal goal to get at least 5th place. Writing this game I learned so much about not only coding, but how I code and my quick and dirty insane style. There were so many cool things I learned over the course of pyweek.

Overall Coding
Even now I can see how my code is going to improve in the future. I had never created a "reaction" style game like this where objects within a map have to react with other objects. So for instance, I had to have the bullets check to see if they had collided with the player's sprite box, so I had to grab how much damage the bullet would do and pass it onto my player. Then my player had to make sure to update based on that.
My python/pygame coding has improved ten-fold. I learned how to actually seperate classes into different files, organize my code, use imports to save my ass. Still need to learn something about debugging.

Overall Artwork
Crap my sprite style is improving! I haven't done any 2D art in forever, so getting all those little baddies was very fun. The problem is I spend way too much time having fun drawing the little 2d sprites. I was going to have lots of animations but ran out of time. I made the dogs the night before.

Last thoughts
This contest was a blast. Drawing, coding, planning, chatting, more coding, last minute insanity. Great stuff! I was working down to the last 5 minutes (which Richard wasn't too happy about, but thankfully opened up my uploads agai n after the timer.)
The people here were awesome, it was so cool to see everyone's betas. I know this is going to be great if I actually apply for a game job here in Seattle. I would love to do another one of these as long as I have the time to do it (not during college finals.) LD48 is still a bit too intimidating for me, but I'd love another pyweek. Maybe a christmas style one?

YES! I will be working on a post release, a lot of it is going to be making new enemies, improving AI, add A LOT more animations, fix the gameplay a bit, add more weapons, fix the shadows so they don't slow down the program, fix the teleporters so you know where you're going to go (maybe make them glow when you're over one), LOTS of other ideas. If anyone wants to throw out comments/suggestions for my game feel free, I'd love to hear em.

Thanks again Richard for hosting this, and everyone else for judging my game!


ThreeLittlePygs - Red Herring's Game Assets, totally GPL!

Posted by fydo on 2006/09/25 07:05


For the benefit of the world, I've released all of the art assets for The Search for the Red Herring under the GPL!

I have more details. a lovely preview page, and a nice, tidy download available on my website:

So go forth, brave programmers, and create games that look like The Search for the Red Herring! :)
I'd be interested to see where these images end up.

Also, feel free to debate here about the validity of releasing art under the GPL! :)


The Olde Battleaxe 3 - add your project to

Posted by philhassey on 2006/09/25 06:19

I think Richard already mentioned this, but please add your game to! (Especially if you are in the top 3-4 places. I'll be setting those as the spotlight in the next few days!)

FYI - some folks have had trouble adding projects to the site in the past week, if that is the case for you, please try using a different browser. I'm not able to troubleshoot the issue right now, but I'll look into it when I get a chance in a week or two.

Great compo! See you again next pyweek!

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Saturday Night Ninja - the disappearing clothes - Game feedback

Posted by dmoisset on 2006/09/25 01:03

Well, we got a third place and I am quite happy with the results. The feedback was really nice; several things we knew (and did not have time to fix before the deadline). This is a small list:
  • The higher levels (after level 4) are too hard. This requires some adjustment with the level generator, not very hard (we would have done them if we had more time to play-test the difficulty)
  • The line of sight is very tricky, and sometimes guard see you through strange diagonals. This is perhaps the hardest thing to solve (not because of programming, but because it requires good design to make it fun, predictable, and challenging at the same time)
  • After dying you should have the choice to retry the level! This was supposed to be that way but didn't because of a stupid team communication issue :) (the problem of being a large team...)
  • The ingame artwork could use some more improvements. The walk-cycle is quite ugly, and some extra decorations could make the game look better. We did not have time to improve this.
  • Some levels could be designed to give a more puzzle-like feeling to the game. We had only time to make the tutorial, but more pre-designed levels would be a plus. However some random levels would stay there, because they increase replay value....
  • Someone told us this is "Metal Gear"... I promise no one knew at the initial brainstorm when I proposed the "camouflage matching suits and walls" idea. Later after talking with Martin (one of the artist, who was not at the first team meeting) he mentioned the similarity, but we kept going forward
We will probably be releasing a version with several of these things fixed soon. I believe the game can still get a lot better. So stay tuned!

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