Post pyweek

We havent had a lot of time to work on the game following pyweek,
but I have put about 6 or 7 hours into it.

So here is our "if we only had one more day" release.
It fixes many of the problems pointed out here.

You can now see which weapon is selected, game-play is faster and less choppy(you dont even need psyco to be able to run ;)), and it should use less cpu, among others, for a more complete list look at the changelog file that comes with the game.

The changelog also contains some *possible additions that we were planning, but most of the have been chopped.

We are hoping to wrap the game up very soon, so we can start working on a sequel that will integrate even more of the things people asked for and some of the things e wanted to do that would be too much work the way the code is now.

Any and all comments are welcome, but all but the most simple will likely wait for the sequel.

The game is now hosted by sourceforge and the link is,


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