September 2013 challenge: “Moon”

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Moon Protection

A puzzle game where the player has to save their planet from incoming asteroids by strategically placing their moons in their orbits so as to have them collide with the asteroids before the asteroids collide with the planet! Detailed instructions and information in the file located in the .zip.

Team: 5hassay, lolmancow

Day 3

A month ago, research moonbase send a message to the earth. a strange life form, was found in a shipment. a week later another message was received, a scientist staff was quarantined, apparently sick to direct contact with the form of life. a third message came to earth "Help please" one rescue fleet was sent, several soldiers of SWAT team, two pilots and a research team, consisting of seven of the best scientists in the world in which I was. when we reached the base everything seemed to be under control, but the staff was absent. As we set more at the base, the chaos began. All the base apparently had become a kind of zombies. I have hungry, I'm tired, and I have no weapons, all that came with me are dead or turned into zombies. My only hope is find the spaceship in which we come from and return to earth. This is my day three on the moon.

Entrant: andarms

Path of the Rabit

Simple game with undirect character control. Main goal of making this game is getting experience in making games with using Kivy framework and cymunk - cross-platform bindings of chipmunk physical engine. Game should be cross-platform and should run on desctop/iOS/Android.

Team: 3demax, nskrypnik, badger, dmitry


You are a mad genius who, for some unknown reason wants to shoot down the moon. You only have a certain number of rockets the government will allow you before they take away your grant and it's going to take a LOT of shots to shoot the moon down, so keep hitting so they'll keep funding.

Entrant: HipetyHopit


First shot at PyWeek, it's gonna be run with python, panda3d and.. em.. beef jerky, lots of beef jerky.

Entrant: wezu

The Lunar Project

I don't really know what to put here, so just go download it :p

Entrant: Jjp137

Journey to the Center of the Moon

Exploration and fun! Procedural generation! Complete lack of gameplay! There have been several expeditions to reach the center of the moon; so far, none have been heard from. It is your assignment to reach the center yourself, and discover what happened to the others.

Entrant: Cynerva


Guide the astronaut back to the base avoiding meteors and deadly falls.

Requires Pygame (tested on 1.9.1 with Python 2.7).

Check the README.txt file for controls

Entrant: f7f5

Moon Savior

The moon is flying out of balance, you have to make sure that it doesn't get too far out of balance! You do this by buying power ups that will stabilize the moon. There are two forces eating up the moon, red and blue. You must stabilize both to win. The only thing stopping you from saving it is money. Everything costs money. You can work yourself (click on the moon), or you might choose to buy properties to bring income. Be warned though, almost everything you buy might bring the Moon closer to a collapse! Written in four hours, so still in Alpha.

Entrant: ezten

Monthly Visitor

What kind of werewolf are you? Will you feast on villagers, or live as a hermit in the woods? Construct barriers between the evil within you and those you love, or allow your other side to pick them off one by one?

Note: If you see a black screen instead of a game on WIndows, please install the Microsoft DirectX Runtime. If you see garbled textures instead of a game, apologies; I'm still looking into this.

Entrant: alex

Hungry Hungry Werewolf

A starved werewolf stalks through the shadows, hunting for a meal while avoiding discovery.

Team: Alex, nchris

Werewolf Sonata

Werewolf Sonata

Being a werewolf has many advantages, but it isn't great for paying the bills. Insurance claims assesors willing to go the extra mile (to Saturn's moons, for example) are, however, paid exceedingly well.

Money, and plentiful moonlight. What more could one ask for?

If only the low gravity didn't make it so hard to keep the paperwork in order.

Package Notes

Due to post pyweek tiredness, we didn't correctly separate packing work form some bugfixes that crept in after the deadline, and didn't have the energy to sort everything out, so the windows, MacOS and debian packages include a few changes that aren't strictly part of the pyweek entry. None of the changes should significantly affect gameplay, but if you want to judge the final submission, use the nagslang-0.1.tgz upload

The following things were fixed:

  • Fix the acid animation which got lost in the last few minutes of pyweek
  • Correctly cleanup on scene changes so we don't constantly leak memory
  • Improve checks on the sound system so we don't crash if ogg files aren't read correctly

Cape Viper

When seriously disturbed, they will put on a "ferocious" threat display that includes coiling up, inflating the body (making the dark markings stand out), hissing and puffing loudly, flattening the anterior portion of the body, and striking frantically. Striking is done with such vigor that small specimens may lift themselves off the ground entirely.

A team entry by members of CTPUG

Team: davidfraser, stefanor, hodgestar, Decoy, drnlm, confluence, jerith

Moon Expedition With A Lunar Rover

A solo entry at this moment.

Entrant: Master47

Super Moon Adventure Turbo Extreme

  • smatx-0.3.2.tar.gz — This is a fully playable version, it is 'finished'. If I don't get the chance to add sounds later this is the final version.
A game about the moon... Mostly THE Moon not the FILM Moon Mostly an imaginary moon of the future with bad things that get you while you are mining...

Entrant: capturts

Mischief Moon

A puzzle game about mayhem and human-robot relations on a moonbase.

Requires Pygame.

All code and assets were created during PyWeek September 2013.

Team: Brubaquero, piedagouti


So I was lazy and did most of my entry on the final Saturday. As a result it's kind of short and untested. If the game gets stuck try clicking frantically on everything :)

Entrant: Mat



The Loons have a problem we can sympathize with -- global warming. Lakes and rivers are drying up, croplands are turning to dust, and it's becoming really hard to find any ice for a rum and coke. So they've come up with a plan -- move to the moon!

Help the Loons build a colony on their moon. Mine resources, build habitats, farms, factories, everything needed to make them feel at home. Support a big enough population and you may just save the Loons from extinction.

Entrant: gcewing

Moonbase Apollo

Take command of Moonbase Apollo's orbital shuttle and help the fledgling moonbase obtain supplies - and whatever else they might need you to do.

Windows Post-release release notes
Apparently there may be problems in the Windows package. I don't have a clean machine to test this on. It may help to install AVBin - maybe even drop c:\Windows\system32\avbin.dll into the unpacked directory. You may also need to cd into the same directory as run_game.exe before running it.

64-bit post-release release notes
If you are running 64-bit Python but have lepton installed from a distro or a previous Pyweek, the particles will probably come out wrong. Flickery particles or weird cross-shapes in the explosions are symptoms of this. I found and fixed more 64-bit bugs in Lepton during this competition. The updated version is in the package or my lepton repo.

Any information or bug reports would be appreciated; please leave a message in the comments below.

Team: mauve, arnav

Moon Blasters

The human colonists must fight their way through alien hordes to rid the moon of alien infestation.

End of PyWeek Edit: Ostensibly. This entry is incomplete.

Left arrow - Move left
Right arrrow - Move right
Alt - Fire

Entrant: Archwyrm

Aegis Luna

An alien race is bent on the destruction of humanity. To accomplish their goals, they are teleporting huge asteroids into Earth's gravitational field to fall upon the planet, rendering it inhospitable. Humanity is surprised and overwhelmed by this tactic, and Earth is doomed. People are attempting to escape in spacecraft, but the planet will be obliterated before all of humanity can hope to escape.

In a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable, antigrav mining rigs on the Moon are retrofitted to accelerate the Moon into the asteroids and destroy them.

You are the pilot.

Entrant: wwwtyro


A solar storm hits a moon base. Some vital systems are breaking. Get close to repair them before failure of four simultaneously, because this destroy the base.

Entrant: endaramiz


Help the cats defend the moon from the thieving mice who are trying to steal it (it's made of cheese, of course!)

Note: If you see a black screen instead of a game on Windows, please install the DirectX June 2010 Runtime.

Team: bonfyre, IttyBTKitty

Satellite Taxi

Ferry passengers around in the fastest growing city on the Moon to repay your debts.

Potential future versions will be at

(Design based on Space Taxi.)

Entrant: cyhawk

Space Squirrel

We likes making the games.

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, Satyrane, stiva, eofpi, Christine, Spears Dracona



3-D Real-time strategy set on the surface of a few moons in the Solar System.

Requires pygame, pyOpenGL, and numpy. Yeah it's a pain, but I really needed the 3D for this one.

Entrant: Cosmologicon


The game is about a dustgirl working on the Earth-Moon route.
But the Moon is gone, so she has to recycle garbages collecting the lunar dust to build it up again.

1.Collect garbages in the space with your ship.
2.Grab with the girl and put them in the correct recycle box. Every correctly rycicled garbage gives you some lunar dust.
3.Once dust is 100% (the red number) go to Earth and take one piece of moon.
4.Take the piece of moon to the Moon.
5.Do it 3 times to rebuild the Moon.

-ship movements are reflected on things inside it
-if dustgirl gets out of the ship try to re-catch her before she goes out of the screen
-if you recycle wrong, you fill the recycle box but you don't get any lunar dust
-you can't recycle if the box is full. go to the Earth to empty it
-pay attention when bouncing on asteroids
-avoid alines, they will try to steal your lunar dust. if tehy get into the ship you can still recycle them
-forgive us for unconfortable control keys

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta

Sane Mushroom Picking

Game about mushroom picking on the Moon.

- A, LEFT: to move Counter Clock Wise
- D, RIGHT: to move Clock Wise
- Mouse Click: to shoot


Known issues:
Some people (actually just one person) have difficulties of running this game with provided pyglet package. You can try to remove it and use system default one.

Entrant: petraszd


this is me being hopeful that i'll have a chance to make a game! its been a few pyweeks that i never had time to do it! :

Entrant: bitcraft


Miner is a dig-and-gather-resources game. You are Sam, a Moon resource miner who must gather resources from the Moon surface.

Notable features:
* Randomly generated Moon surface using, well, the random-module.
* Destructible environment, much like Minecraft in 2D.
* Menu system. I made up a rather quick and dirty menu system, but it works just awesome and I like it.

Originally planned features
* Another planet in the background - doh! I wanted it to be a pixelized version of Earth.
* Procedural moon landscape. I wanted the player to be able to dig as deep and explore as much of the Moon surface as he wanted to.
* Better gameplay. I should have worked better on the core ideas of the gameplay. The game can be challenging, but it will be repetitive in the end.

Closing thoughts
I am happy that I finished the game and did my first PyWeek! That's just great.
There are plenty of things I would have done differently, however.
First of all I probably shouldn't have been off-the-grid for 5 days of the challenge.
I also now know that it's very important to rethink your gameplay/challenge before starting the programming.

The challenge was great, however. And I enjoyed it!

Entrant: powrtoch

Moon of Blood and Steel

Defeat the ruling factions of each zone of the Moon before getting caught.

Each turn help the rebels to enact their plans to weaken the factions by using your activity points.

You are stronger where your hideout is located.

Team: richard, korg, bobsmith, Caligari



Year 2040.

Two decades have passed since the first corporation established a permanent lunar base under the surface of the Moon.

Today the Lunar Commerce Commission maintains a frail balance between the different corporations competing for mineral resources.

Accidents are frequent, although officials refuse to admit that they're due to sabotage or an undercover war for the rich lunar underground.

Please download the source code for Linux and Mac or the binary bundle (ready to go) for Windows. Check README.txt for instructions.

Video of the intro (no spoilers).

For post-compo updates and more (Debian/Ubuntu packages) please visit: Lunar.

Entrant: reidrac


You are International Antiterror Special Ops soldier Lt. Charles, sent to investigate reported Space Nazi activity near the moon. You find a station of theirs on the dark side of the moon, when they manage to damage your ship and you are forced to land. Your new mission is to get as many of those bastards as you can.

Note: Please read the README. You may want to use the resolution switches, especially if the default window doesn't fit your screen well.

Entrant: otus


A pyglet based physics game. Mine the moon for Helium.

Entrant: paulpaterson

Many Moons

Get as many moons into orbit around the planet as you can!

Entrant: atiaxi


Help Sam to control the He3 - Harvesters

Entrant: Alzi

Gumm's Harvest Moon

Casual shooter.

Entrant: gummbum

Moon's moons

You always dreamed about that. To just fly through the space, to touch the Milky way and to breathe the star dust. One day your dream came true. But a terrible accident happened and you are left on your own on an unknown planet and it's moons, looking for pieces of your ship. And what is worse, you are not alone.

Our team is made of former high school classmates from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

Team: maral, wary, jakkoli, Bosvi

System Evacuation

Dodge asteroids and rescue your crew

Entrant: permianlizard

Moon Lander

In this game, you have to guide your rocket to the moon! Fortunately, you have on your side the ability to control gravity...

Entrant: jimmybob


A creature is hunting you. Find a way to use moonlight and mirrors to track it and kill it before it catches you. (This is a very short game.)

Entrant: Tee