Moving and firing

Moon Blasters

The human colonists must fight their way through alien hordes to rid the moon of alien infestation.

End of PyWeek Edit: Ostensibly. This entry is incomplete.

Left arrow - Move left
Right arrrow - Move right
Alt - Fire


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Overall: 1.7
Fun: 1.4
Production: 1.8
Innovation: 1.8

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Archwyrm 2013/09/08 21:10
Moving and firing
Archwyrm 2013/09/08 19:57

Diary Entries

PyWeek finished

PyWeek has ended with my entry not seeing completion as a game. The excuse basically comes down to time constraints with the week flying by unexpectedly fast and getting bogged down on certain parts of the code. Still, it was a learning experience yet again and ultimately fun to participate in. I'm looking forward to the fun of playing everyone's creations.

Basically what I ended up with is the ability to move "the player" (red square) around rough moon terrain and fire your weapon (which is just for show :/ ). You can only run while on the ground and the gravity is about as you would expect on the moon. This makes for some interesting movement and was supposed to be the basis of some interesting gameplay! To augment the movement you would have had a jetpack that could be used with limited, recharging fuel to adjust your gliding over the surface and change direction while off the ground. Alas, not to be.

The plan was then to include three types of enemies. Fast moving ground based enemies who would try to engage you in melee, slower airborne enemies who try to fly into you in clumps, and a quite slow and tough ground based enemy who would also try to bite your head off. Fighting through these hordes would get you to the culmination of the game: defeating a large, powerful boss. The gameplay would have been something like Contra meets Starship Troopers.

If there is further development, it will appear here:

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