Moon Protection

A puzzle game where the player has to save their planet from incoming asteroids by strategically placing their moons in their orbits so as to have them collide with the asteroids before the asteroids collide with the planet! Detailed instructions and information in the file located in the .zip.


Prompting Python 3
Presented by drnlm

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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 1.8
Production: 2
Innovation: 3

66% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 5


File Uploader Date
5hassay 2013/09/08 01:09
final submission
5hassay 2013/09/07 19:37

Diary Entries

I have you now

I have the repo

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Its up!

Added a pretty much empty : gotta work on that later.

Orbit_test is up. Calculations seem fine. Thank multivariable calculus. (and Moore, but mostly that beard)

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pyweek17 - day 1

well, so far so good

got the repo up fairly easily with github, and eventually found a suitable license

we settled on a game idea pretty quick, something I think we're both cool with (pretty lucky that the "Moon" theme was chosen). Right now its pretty basic, but if we have time later on we'll try to make it more complicated. The basic code got up pretty quick. Getting into more specific code, which is fun

welp, its too late, brain dead. Continue tomorrow

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Decided on sizes

We have some good stuff going on. Started designing classes. Fun.

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Moon class is now done and it does what I hoped it would do. ^^
Made some images as well with a transparent background, and luckily, they worked seamlessly with the display. Although they probably look real ugly to everyone else. ahseuhausehuasheuahseuhausehause

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pyweek17 - diary entry - day 2, 3

day 2

welp, well we're starting to get into the issue of code elegance vs just getting stuff done, as we are doing as much as we can from scratch. Of course, with elegance we can increase productivity. Then again, we can't be putting so much of our time into essentially making libraries.

basic menus and buttons are implemented that work well enough. We're getting to the point of integrating the moon orbit simulation into a game screen. On that note, the simulation of a moon's orbit around a planet is looking great--thanks multi-var calc! hue.

day 3

still some issues of code elegance vs getting stuff done. A good amount of reformatting with how menus, screens, buttons, text work, et cetera. Looking pretty good atm, considering how basic it is. Day 4 should see some integration of the game simulations and menus.

some conflicts between coding styles among team members, lol. My idea of "necessary" in the context of "commenting when necessary" seems to be much more "casual" than my teammate's. Something like that was bound to happen without agreeing beforehand on a style standard! (Of course we both follow PEP, but there can still be differences.)

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pyweek17 - day 6

welp, school has started (university, mathematics and education), and the once great progress has pretty much gone to a halt.

being the end of the week, I'm going to play with luck and spend some time on this project, and then again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get what I want done, which is integrating the planet, moon simulation my partner has done into the interface and application code, and he can finish asteroid simulation, and then tomorrow I can put it all together with one level while he is at work. If not, oh well, it was a good experience! We'll probably get around to finishing the game anyway sometime in the future if not by the deadline--a neat game idea, I think, worth further investment!

good luck to everyone else!

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pyweek17 - day 7

it was actually finished! Sure, the code is disgusting, and good luck to anyone who wants to read the code, and sure there's an assortment of other problems, but the game actually works well enough to be something kind of cool, at least in my opinion.

good luck to the rest of the contestants.

now let's see how much of an effect me investing all this time into this project is going to have on my schooling...

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