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Guide the astronaut back to the base avoiding meteors and deadly falls.

Requires Pygame (tested on 1.9.1 with Python 2.7).

Check the README.txt file for controls


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.5

Respondents: 19


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In game
f7f5 2013/09/07 19:06
Luna archive for all platforms
f7f5 2013/09/07 18:54
Day 2
f7f5 2013/09/02 21:28

Diary Entries

Moon is still hiding behind the clouds...

The first day is gone and I still don't know what game I'll make.

I started by collecting several different ideas, and then deciding on prototyping one of them - a gravitational game - but I didn't really like the results (plus, I suddenly remembered I had already played a game quite similar to what I was planning), so I put it on hold.

I began prototyping the second idea, and I hope this one will work out better.

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Day 2

Well, I have a silly little astronaut moonwalking, but I'm still not sure what the game will be about :)

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Final submission

For my first try at PyWeek I ended up building a simple 2D game with a side view.

Well, unfortunately, my game screen design for this entry kind of sucks, so it's more of a walk in the moon than a real challenge.

Maybe I could have chosen a better idea, because I had never tried to do a game of this type before, and I had a lot of conflicting directions in my mind.

One week to design a game was a surprising experience: at first it seemed like it would be a lot of time, at least compared to Ludum Dare 48h. I though I could try some prototypes first and see what worked better, but after blowing up day #1 on one of them, I decided to just follow the second try. But the truth is that 1 week is not so much if you're trying this and that and do not have a solid idea of what you want for gameplay, graphics and audio!

On the positive side, Pygame was much easier to work with than I feared.

Anyway, I'm pleased with a number of things in the final result, such as the astronaut's movement, the overall look and sound of the game.

Now, I'm looking forward to playing all the other entries and hopefully learning from them!

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