this is me being hopeful that i'll have a chance to make a game! its been a few pyweeks that i never had time to do it! :


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 1.9
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 3.6

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 16


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unfinished final submission
bitcraft 2013/09/08 06:10
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bitcraft 2013/09/08 05:29

Diary Entries

First source code commit

today was 70% studying matrix transformations, 28% looking at other source code and tutorials, and 2% actually coding.  oh well!

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i might add more screen shots here today if anything changes.

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A somewhat finished game appears!

Bitcraft's PyWeek 17 Entry

i was unable to finish this game/concept.  it is playable, but there are no real goals and it is not balanced.


Place tetris blocks on the map to build a strong base.  Organize the base and work with AI minions.

Each block color has a different purpose.  AI minions will mine blocks and transform them into different things.  In this unfinished game, the minions can only create more minions.

Waves of enemies will appear after a delay.  Try to survive!  (actually, it is really easy to survive since the game didn't get balanced at all!)

Running the Game

This game was developed with python 2.7 and pygame 1.9.1.  Please make sure you are using python 2.7 to run the game.


use the mouse to place tetris blocks on the isometric landscape.  
right mouse button rotates the block, left button places the block.

blocks can be placed on top of an existing block, however, any overlapping areas will be converted into a 'barren' tile, which has no benefits to the player.

If a 5x5 square is created of any color besides 'barren' (the default color), the blocks will be converted to a color not accessible by dropping blocks.  this color has no use, however.

Game Elements

4 cannons are already placed on the map.  they are simple squares.  they require energy to fire.  you can produce energy by placing blue blocks.  the more blue blocks that are one the map, the more energy you will have for your cannons.  your current energy and capacity is measured by the lowest bar on the HUD.

the cannons will automatically fire at enemies.  just make sure you have enough blue energy tile to keep them firing quickly.

the thief is a large light blue colored block. it will mine your energy blocks.  as it mines blue energy blocks, it will grow in size and will be more difficult to kill.

the hunter is a large dark blue block.  it will consume your minions.


the minions will mine green resource blocks and fill yellow blocks.  once a yellow block is filled, a new minion will appear.  minions will gain experience points as they carry out tasks.  this will cause them to grow larger.

Notable Features
  • Complex AI is possible
  • Drawing engine is 3D (can be rotated)
  • Small code size

Missing Features
  • There is no introduction to gameplay concepts
  • The game is not balanced
  • There are no real animations to enhance the game
  • Minions are missing a graphic element to show that they are carrying blocks
  • No sounds
  • No map rotation (i was unable to get mouse to work properly when rotating)

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Video Preview of Game Engine

A feature not ready in the game is game map rotation.  While this is just a novelty at this point, it the renderer is capable of it, so why not demonstrate it?


Post Pyweek Alpha: Tetris Tower Defense!

So, it turns out I really liked the game I created and felt bad that I was unable to really make it into something.  I've made more changes and decided to release an "alpha" version of the game that is more in line with my initial vision for the game.

*** Please rate the pyweek version of the game before playing the alpha! ***

In fairness, please rate the pyweek "final" version before playing the new version.  It really is quite different.

Thanks and have fun!  I'm open to critique on the new alpha.

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