March 2019 challenge: “6”

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Gitlab repo:

Team: scott, jttofu, nickl93, Randomini

Breakout Blue

"Breakout Blue" is a 2D steath/prison escape game where you control a gang of six characters at once. Use items to distract guards, break walls, unlock doors and make your way to freedom!

UPDATE/BUG FIX! (04/04/2019): Unfortunately we noticed a bug in level 3 after the Sunday cut-off: if you would like to update your local version of the game to make level 3 beatable (hence you can finish the game), then you need to copy the updated level file "level3.json" (link below) into you local copy of the game: put it into the folder "Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/".

Updated "level3.json" (Google Drive link)

Playthrough Video:

Team: mit-mit, Lucid Design Ar

Six Days till Dawn

Six Days till Dawn - A mini survival game

You are trapped here! Survive 6 days to be rescued.

This is a game where you collect material and food,

craft and upgrade your tools, and fight off the monsters.

Please look through the instructions at the beginning!

For windows users: download the SixDaysTillDawn(exe) and run main.exe

For Mac and Linux users: download the SixDaysTillDawn(src), make sure you have pygame1.9.4 installed.

                                             Then run

Please read the README.txt after download

You can press [H] to re-watch the tutorial, and [C] to check the controls anytime in-game.

  • [A]/[D] to move around
  • Hold [S] to collect
  • Hold [W] to drink
  • Hold [E] to eat
  • [Q+num] to craft/upgrade the corresponding item
  • [X]/[Left Click] while your cursor is on the monsters to attack
  • [SPACE] to skip slides

You lose if your stamina falls to 0, and win if you have survived 6 days.

Walkthrough Video:

Entrant: chrisyan2000


What is "Six!"?

It's a game about challenging your mind and having fun

Entertaining yet straightforward, innovating and original; this was the goal I had in mind when I first started this project. This state of the art computer game provides a modern look on our world, with simple color schemes as well as an excellent choice of contemporary melodies. We all strive for utopia, in this case being the single integer of "six". However, this is not easily acquired. Make one mistake, and you'll have to start over. The journey will be challenging and full of obstacles. Whether to type the word "six" or "6" is completely up to you. Whether to type "six" or "6" six times or 6 times, is also completely up to you. This series of puzzles will never fail to constantly boggle your brain.

Entrant: Apex


  • — Contains source code as well as the standalone package. Updated the README which is inside this zip and added in the list of dependencies. Hope I got them all.
  • — Standalone exe in zip
1st time doing this challenge. Might fail miserably...or not. We'll see how this goes. I'm not sure I'm going to even upload this right.

It's a basic puzzle game where you control a player in a 2d environment and interact with 6 different colored crates each with a unique characteristic when you interact with it. The object of the game is to push each unique crates to their respective color coded tiles to advance to the next level.

Entrant: Phantasma

Route 6

A basic bus simulation.

Drive the bus down the road stopping at stops. Keybindings are:

b - brake

R, N, 1, 2, 3 - gears

left arrow - increase throttle

right arrow - decrease throttle

Score is printed to stdout once the bus has stopped at the last stop.

Entrant: pypi

Six Moves

A game where you have to complete levels in only six moves.

Sounds easy? Well, all of the ways you may think of going about it may sound easy, but when it comes down to the right way, you'll be having a tough time trying to find it...

Also, the game does have music, you just have to turn it on first. You can turn it on in-game or from the Settings Menu.

Note: The Source Code was built in Python 2, though it should be able to work in Python 3.

Entrant: OrionDark7


Art toy to generate animated pixel art using quantum computation.

Just like normal computing is based on bits, quantum computing is based on qubits. How you approach a quantum computing project depends a lot on how many qubits you use. In this project, I am using 6.

The project uses Qiskit to implement the quantum programming, and runs inside a Jupyter notebook. You can use a web version here which requires no installation. Or you can run it locally from the source.

A tutorial based on this project can be found here.

Entrant: quantumjim


A short puzzle game about moving boxes in a restricted 3x2 board. Well, unless you change to a different resolution.

Entrant: Tee

Silly Number Song Game

Since '6' is the theme I will start working on the game on day 6.
Also - '6' is a silly number (it's just 9 pretending to be even) so the game will be equally silly.

Content Warring:
  • Contains Meme
  • Mildly Flashing Background
  • Censored Toon Nudity
  • May Contain Traces of Nuts

Entrant: wezu


  • — Competition version source - install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
A simple (not that that was what I was going for, but...) console-based hard-scifi space trading game. Buy things where there's lots of them, take them to where there's not, sell them there, fry anyone who tries to stop you with 100MW laser cannons.

Entrant: schilcote


Entrant: asrp


A puzzle game set in the clouds involving a six-sided die. Inspired by the Cuboid game.

There are precompiled builds available for Windows, Linux and macOS that include the dependencies.

The game can be controlled using the arrow, enter and escape keys alone. The mouse can additionally be used to rotate the camera, and R resets the level.

The gameplay should be fairly straightforward; navigate the die to the green tile to advance to the next level. Certain tiles are marked with a die symbol; you can only land on them if your bottom face has the matching number. If you get stuck, press escape to go to the menu, and select "reset level" or "skip level", or go to the main menu and choose "select level".

If you complete a level within a certain preset number of moves, you can "star" the level, as indicated on the level select screen. Whether you have exceeded the number of moves to star a level is indicated by the star icon in the top right turning from solid to outlined.

It is also possible to use a game controller with a directional pad. The thumbsticks are ignored at this time.

Running from source requires Python 3. The only dependency is Panda3D, which can be obtained with "pip install -U panda3d" or simply by running this in the source directory:
pip install -r requirements.txt
To run the game, type the following command:

If you can't get the game to work, please let me know! There may be an easy fix.

If the game doesn't work well in "sublime" mode, try other quality settings (this requires restarting the game).

If you get stuck on a level, you can hit Escape (or start on a gamepad) and use "skip level". You can cheat an otherwise invalid move by holding the "Pause Break" key while pressing the arrow key.

On macOS, you may get an error after clicking about me being an untrusted developer. Go to System Preferences, Security, and click "Open anyway".

If you run into any trouble, send me the command-line output to help me diagnose. In the binary builds, the output is saved to the following log files:
Windows: C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\hexima\output.log
Linux: /home/you/.share/local/hexima/output.log
macOS: /Users/You/Documents/hexima/output.log

Team: xidram, rdb, zwerver

Sixth Gear

A racing game on representations of real tracks, with a focus on changing gears correctly to maximise acceleration.

OS X fixed version here.

Entrant: LeopardShark

Six Shootin' Cats

Cartoon cats aiming revolvers at their brains for money.
It's done!

To resize the window, resize the window.

Made by Team Momojo

Art/Design/Programming/Animation by MOMOJOHOBO AKA Hendrik-Jan

 If you want to see the other cats but don't have time for the random number gods to finally grant you access you can edit the file called "savegame" and set the number to anything between 1 to 6.

Team: zwerver, anonymous

Whiffle Six

A very simple game that is similar to Arkanoid or Breakout with a action-y twist.

Only requires Python 3.6+ and PyGame 1.9.x. Navigate to source directory and run "python3". 

No sound or music to speak of--but it supports an XBOX 360 controller (and other gamepads probably)!

Thank you for playing our game.

Team: assertivist, paperstarships


Create kaleidoscopic pattern with a few basic tools. Upload your creations to the public gallery.

See README.txt for important tips, display options, easy mode, offline mode, etc.

Entrant: Cosmologicon

cANT3 x2 Onslaught: The Invasion from Six Chips Deep

cANT3 is a combination of Tower Defense, Resource Management, and Town

The ants just keep coming, so build your defenses and manage your resources

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Hexaflexagon Simulator 2019

Virtual hexaflexagons.

Entrant: gcewing

What The Frog?!

A game of frogs and flies.

QWE/ASD are your six jump directions - but you can use each one only once! You can jump at any time - on the ground, air or water.

  • In easy mode, hold a key to enter slow mo, jump when the key is released.
  • In normal mode, jump instantly.
Collect all the flies and fish on each level. Butterflies and goldfish replenish all your jumps.

Downward jumps will pretty much do nothing if you're standing on a flat surface, but will be useful in the air or water. They're also a bit faster than the upward jumps.

Don't worry about timing your jumps based on where the flies are. Just worry about timing your jumps. Your tongue will catch them if you get close enough.

Entrant: mauve


A game about a gardener discovering his value in society.

Note: Mojave users might need to build pygame  1.9.5dev from source to get the game to run at the desired FPS.

Team: davyk3001, ste.pool, Noelle, 0xed


SO retro... that makes us cool, right..?

Play the game (insecure connection) here:

Team: ntoll, zappascout

PyATL Team Entry

Team: jrrickerson, luther


A turn-based stickman fighting game

Entrant: AlpacaMax

B Ball Tomb

# b-ball Tomb pyweek 27 READ README # info This is a game about real life... code, art, music by me b ball... press **R** to reset position you must become the ultamate baller... **space** when on a chest to open it press **space** and **6** when needed requirements to run `pygame, python3`

`python3` to run

# `***PS if you want to skip the boss fight, press ENTER***`

Entrant: speedlimit35


The game about escaping from vi.

Entrant: yarolig

Twenty Seven

  • capturts_pyweek27.tar.gz — 'Final Entry' into pyweek27. Was really busy with other things this week, so to call it a game is stretching the truth somewhat.
Pyweek #27 entry. I'll try and finish this time! Also sorry in advance for the rubbish that I produce ;)

Entrant: capturts