A game about a gardener discovering his value in society.

Note: Mojave users might need to build pygame  1.9.5dev from source to get the game to run at the desired FPS.


When life gives you lemons...
Presented by mauve

The Jesus H.Christ Award for NPCs Walking on Aquatic Game Features
Presented by ntoll

The Vegan Gamer Award for Cutest Use of Vegetables in a Culinary Setting
Presented by ntoll

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 2.8

14% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
ste.pool 2019/03/31 01:27
pip installable sdist
0xed 2019/03/31 00:57
Noelle 2019/03/26 21:31
Noelle 2019/03/26 21:30
Noelle 2019/03/26 13:23
Noelle 2019/03/25 14:36
Noelle 2019/03/24 22:50

Diary Entries

day 01

The walls are covered in whiteboard paper and and post-its, which means of course we've made it successfully through day 01. I'm really excited to see what we create this time. The most complicated part for us will be our dialogue system, since this is a pretty story-heavy game. Ugh, decision trees...

But for today?

We have a map. A river. Trees. We even have a lemon, folk. What more could you ask for?


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day 03 sprite randomness

Sometimes the animated sprites randomly decide to have a blue background? It's exactly the same code, tiling them to a surface with convert_alpha() so ... why don't they want to behave?

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Did YOU get the lemon? 🍋

Wow! PyWeek has come to a close already! Talk about a frantic last minute debugging session. We think everything still works 🤞

So for Davy, Noelle and I, our second time round was a bit less confusing: We got a much better handle on Pygame and sprites. It was Ed and Glen's first PyWeek and they probably enjoyed it. 

We took on a much bigger project compared to Destination: Irrelevant from PyWeek 26. Cultivate was... ambitious, but we got really far. We spent a lot more time in the planning phase of this game, and our team was larger, so that was good in a lot of ways, but we spent a lot of time resolving merge conflicts. 433 commits, and 83 pull requests by 5 devs in 7 days makes for some interesting code "review". (And according to sloc: 4022 lines of code which is 10 person months! and would cost $116,495 to make) 

Favourite Issue = "rooftops disappearing at inappropriate times"

Favourite PR title = "Fix lemonade task detection"

Favourite fruit = "Lemon"

We are very proud of the game, and we really hope that other people find it fun and funny. One of us spent quite some time intensely researching some specialist knowledge, that you'll have to play the game to find out about - no spoilers here.

There were some things that we wished we could have gotten to.

 - sprites move too quickly, or too slowly depending on platform.

 - more responsive conversations from NPCs.

 - a final score

That's all, already looking forward to judging. And pyweek 28.

 K, thanks. Byeeeeeeeee! (In joke. Play the game.)