March 2019 challenge

More Code to Joy - We're alive!

Posted by ntoll on 2019/03/06 09:52

This entry is going to be interesting. In addition to whatever the theme will be, we have determined two further requirements for our entry:

* It's going to be retro... oh so retro.
* We're going to invite ideas and suggestions "from the internet".

Also, PyWeek during Brexit week (subject to article 50 extensions)..? What could possibly go wrong with an entry 50% sourced from the UK..? :-D


TBD - ↵

Posted by Pygasm on 2019/02/27 11:21

Wassup, after taking one Pyweek off due to personal reasons, I decided to return to Pyweek just for the fun of it, as always.

Heres to another week of debugging, optimization, and screwing over your grades from becoming too fixated on your project!


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