This is my first pyweek so I didn't expect too much on my ranking. 2.4 is already higher than my expectation so I am quite satisfied.

In conclusion, my game lacks music, a nice visual feedback, and probably a simple AI.

I actually tried to add music to my game. However it is actually the second time I use pyglet to make a game(I used pygame previously) and I just couldn't install avbin properly. Without avbin I couldn't play music. Eventually I decided to give it up and work on other parts. Truely hope someone can tell me how to install avbin on linux.

Also, I did consider add some visual feedback, like a smooth punch animation while the enemy would move back a little when getting hit. The problem is that I am really bad at painting. I was afraid that it would be time consuming to paint all the animations. I guess next time I have to try something that doesn't need too much actions or ask someone's help on art work.

My biggest mistake is failing to add an AI. I did consider adding a simple decision tree to the enemy. Since I had never made an AI before, I had to read some articles on it. And I fell asleep every time I try to learn something(>_<)

The reason I want to participate into pyweek is that it is a small contest raised by the community. Not too much people in it. A high score in pyweek is not valuable enough to be written in a job application or university application. As a result, the one who is still willing to stay here, meaning you guys, are the true lovers of games. You participate into this contest is because you like the joy brought by the process of making games. You are the coolest! It is my honor to know you guys.

Thank you for playing my game. :-)

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Glad you had a good time! I would say that while I did recommend having an "AI", I should not have called it that. I just meant computer control, nothing you should have to read articles about. AI algorithms and techniques is definitely more than you need for this game. A simple example would be randomly selecting a move every second. Another example would be to follow a sequence of moves that you hard code. It doesn't necessarily need to react to the player at all in order to be a challenge.

I often use Pygame in a Pyglet-based game just to do the sound, because the AVBin stuff is a pain - it's difficult to get a working version installed and then it can be flaky and crash the game.

I think What The Frog?!, Dynamite Valley and My Sincerest Apologies all took this approach.