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1st time doing this challenge. Might fail miserably...or not. We'll see how this goes. I'm not sure I'm going to even upload this right.

It's a basic puzzle game where you control a player in a 2d environment and interact with 6 different colored crates each with a unique characteristic when you interact with it. The object of the game is to push each unique crates to their respective color coded tiles to advance to the next level.


Color Coded Conundrum
Presented by wezu

Start to Crate = 0s
Presented by mauve

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.4
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 3.3

14% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 12


File Uploader Date
Contains source code as well as the standalone package. Updated the README which is inside this zip and added in the list of dependencies. Hope I got them all.
Phantasma 2019/03/31 23:09
The Main Menu
Phantasma 2019/03/31 04:54
Standalone exe in zip
Phantasma 2019/03/31 04:52
More aesthetically pleasing walls
Phantasma 2019/03/29 23:51
First Level of 6-Crates
Phantasma 2019/03/28 22:20
Sprites and levels and stuff
Phantasma 2019/03/27 05:55
Gameplay Work in progress
Phantasma 2019/03/26 23:48
Unfinished Main Menu(WIP)
Phantasma 2019/03/24 23:36

Diary Entries

Day one Part 1

The moment the theme has been announced I was excited. It was one of my most preferred theme for this challenge.

A couple hours after it started I've already written down ideas for what my game is going to be. I decided that I'm going to do a simple 2D puzzle game with an "unhealthy" obsession with the number 6.... 6 levels, 66 FPS, ect. Then I had to sleep. My timezone is EST.

Most important things to do on day 1-2: Get a functioning menu going, and make some shoddy sprite art, and try to make the 1st level as a testing ground for sprite interactions.

I'll sum up the rest of day 1 in part 2 6 hours after this post. It's a little weird because my time zone is EST.

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Day one Part 2

I just Uploaded a screenshot of the main menu which I worked a majority of the time today. Its unfinished but the idea is to get a functioning menu which acts as a foundation for my game. After this post I'm going to work on getting menu selections functioning. They're pretty self explanatory.

The main menu is obviously unfinished, but I want to put something there that indicates my current progress before day 2 comes in less than a half an hour. There will be more to come soon

After the menu selection is done I'll be working almost entirely on the gameplay. Its going to be a puzzle game for sure.

Edit: Note to self: Write a better, more organized diary entry before 8pm EST next time.

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Day Two Summary

Not much coding done today. Been working on sprite art for the player, the crates, the walls etc. I also worked on creating a map grid via text file where all the sprites start at. Day three however I'm going to be extraordinarily busy on the following.

- Work on implementing sprites and making a testing ground for all sprite interactions until I'm satisfied with how it works. 

- Convert said testing ground into the 1st level of the game.

P.S. I hate Mondays.

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Day Three Summary

Working on the game play section....I don't have all the sprites and interactions done just yet. I'm going have to pull an all-nighter on this one. It somehow took a very long time to get the sprites to display and have the player move the way I wanted to(its always on the 1st sprite). I'm starting to get the momentum going, and I ain't planning on stopping. Will give you an status update when I'm done in a few hours(or less). Like I said in my last diary I ain't stopping til I'm satisfied.

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DAY 3 (4?): Late night Update

I got all the player sprites, walls/tile sprites, and crate sprites displayed and got my player(the red square for now) to move. For the sake of my sanity for the intense work I've been doing for the past several hours, I'm calling it a night. I'll be working on sprite interactions and collisions when I wake up.

I may try to get a gif posted on the next screenshot followed by the next diary entry. We'll see what happens.

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Day 4 summary.

Still working on sprite interactions nothing to show at the moment...this is becoming Surprisingly difficult not because I'm running into errors, but I'm getting to a point where I have to be careful where I put my code at and keep track of where everything goes. I also have to be methodical when it comes to game play mechanics.

To give you all an idea of what I want each crate to do when the player interacts with it are as follows:

1st crate gets Pushed 1 tile.

2nd crate gets pushed 2 tiles.

3rd crate gets pushed all the way towards a wall.

4th crate gets pushed one tile but can teleport across one wall tile or across one crate if it has to.

5th crate will teleport behind the player sprite if it tries to push it in the general direction.

6th crate pushes and moves towards the player all the way towards a wall if the player tries to push that crate.

All the crates have to land in their respective color-coded tiles in order to advance to the next level.

This is going to be a very tough hurdle to get through. Should be smooth sailing once I get this done.

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Day 5 summary

I got all the sprites working as intended and I'm now currently in the process of making levels 2-6 and play testing them. The 1st level I've shown on the screenshot awhile ago has already been made.

I'll try and give you all some very brief gameplay footage on day6.

By the way since this is my 1st time doing this challenge, I'm not familiar with how to submit my final entry and everything related to that. The lack of submitting my source code throughout this entire challenge is worrying me a little bit. Fortunately the scope of my game is small enough where I should have enough time to figure all that out.

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Possibly last diary entry 6-7

My game is mostly done. But Now I'm getting stressed out because I have no experience is submitting a game and I've never really used GitHub before. From what I'm seeing There's no clear guideline to how to submit your game. If there is then somehow I'm not seeing it.

Less than 4 hours left and I'm about to have a headache soon.


Uploaded The game + screenshot

Soo after 4 hours of strenuous research on how to package and submit the game. I think I MAY HAVE figured it out. Let me know if I'm missing anything with the submission and I'll try to get it done ASAP.

Also how can you tell if you released your source code? Does someone look at your Github repo to verify it or something?

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True Final Diary Entry

I've done all I can with this final upload. I believe I covered almost everything. If not well...

Whatever happens, I'll take what I can get from feed back and work on it for the next challenge. It's been fun.

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Time to improve and Truly finish the game.

Reading most of the Feedback, I kind of expected the lack of sound and music to impact my game substantially. I'm a bit surprised that a majority of people have actually successfully ran my game. In any case I will be streaming on Twitch to work on my game and make improvements on key areas that need work. I also wanted to have additional features and extend the play through substantially. I also want to optimize the controls so it will become much easier to control the...eye creature that I just came up with within a one/two hour time span during the last day.

My twitch link: I'll start streaming at around 2:00 pm EST(6 hours after this post)

By the way this will be the 1st time I'll be streaming as well. So I'm not expecting much....yet. However given the ratings I had for my game I think I'll have a solid game in the just needs more polish and flare to finish the job. Don't worry about the difficulty I plan on adding 60 more levels to stretch out the difficulty curve and a save feature to keep track of progress.

Thank you so much for the feedback and for playing my game in this current state. More to come in the following weeks/months.

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