A plumber having a quantum experience


Art toy to generate animated pixel art using quantum computation.

Just like normal computing is based on bits, quantum computing is based on qubits. How you approach a quantum computing project depends a lot on how many qubits you use. In this project, I am using 6.

The project uses Qiskit to implement the quantum programming, and runs inside a Jupyter notebook. You can use a web version here which requires no installation. Or you can run it locally from the source.

A tutorial based on this project can be found here.



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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 1.3
Production: 1.7
Innovation: 3.8

40% respondents marked the game as not working.
2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
Zip of github repo
quantumjim 2019/03/30 23:20
A plumber having a quantum experience
quantumjim 2019/03/29 14:47
A toy for making pixel art animations with quantum computation
quantumjim 2019/03/29 14:19
Example animation
quantumjim 2019/03/29 12:58

Diary Entries

Minimal Mario

My project will be more of an art toy than a game. It'll use Qiskit (a Python framework for quantum computation) to make and manipulate images.

I'll limit myself to quantum programs of 6 qubits (no more and no less) to incorporate the theme. This will mean that the images will be limited to 2^6 pixels. In a quick test before starting coding, I found that this is only just enough to make a Mario.

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Day 3

I turned Mario into a quantum program, and then back into an image. It takes around half a second, which is probably acceptable latency for allowing the player to see direct feedback.

I'd usually think that 6 qubits is too few, but using more would mean much longer runtimes. The restriction placed by the theme therefore allows me to explore possibilities I wouldn't usually allow myself.

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Day 5: A PR to the Qiskit tutorials

My project turned into a potential Jupyter notebook for the Qiskit tutorial. Today I made a pull request


I think this will be basically the final version. I'll make a more streamlined one for the final submission, but this is my quantum art toy: made from Jupyter widgets rather than pygame.

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MVP complete

I have an MVP! I submitted something tagged as 'final version'!

Whether it really is the final version remains to be seen. But it is nevertheless usable.

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