August 2015 challenge: “Data data data”

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Bitstream Manipulators

Bit switching nanobots have infected the game. You must use your own bot to remove the evil invaders and fix the game.

Entrant: JFrog

Wikipedia 1942

Source code repo:

python 2.7
pygame (latest version)
wikipedia (included in the source code, otherwise pip install wikipedia)

Hitler invaded Wikipedia!
You must defeat him and make Wikipedia free again!

This game is inspired by the Hitler Wikipedia game.
When the game start, a random page from Wikipedia will be generated.
All the links on this page will appear as gems in the game.
By collecting gems, you can warp to these pages.
You must collect gems and warp to other Wikipedia pages until you reach the Hitler page.
This is where Hitler is hiding. Find him and defeat him.

Hit space or left-click to shoot bullets.
Hit Esc. to make the Warp zone appear.

You start the game with 10 HP.
Everytime you take a hit, you lose 1 HP.
If you finish a level (no gems left), you will recover all your life.

You can warp to another page anytime during the game by pressing Esc.
However, if you do so you won't recover your life.
If you drop to 0 HP, it's Game Over.

Gathering gems will allow you to use power-ups.
Right-click to activate the power-up shown in the lower-left corner.

You must collect 10 gems to get a power-up.
The power-up will appear in the lower-left corner.
Power-ups are associated with gem colors.
If you don't use your power and collect another gem, the power-up will change to the last color you collected.

Green: Activate a shield that last for 3 minutes. If you take a hit, the shield will absorb it.
Blue: Increase the power of your gun for 30 seconds.
Yellow: Increase your agility for 60 seconds.
Grey: Activate a gem magnet for 60 seconds. The gems will fly in your direction when you get close.
Red : Regenerate 3 HP.

Entrant: benoxoft

TD (Tower Defense / Triple Data)

This is as classic of a tower defense game as you can get! Place turrets and bombs and keep the hacker from stealing your data and taking it out of your circuit board!

Team: lukepdev, bcpcp, Sh1n1g4m1

Hackerman: The virtual hero

A Hacker that fight (literally) with bugs, viruses, trojans, etc. You have to complete differents missions: find out which is the infected data and exterminate it, save the priceless data from infected computers, patch some software errors and so.

Entrant: andarms

Nexus - Data Processor Construct

Protect the integrity of the Nexus by maintaining data flow through the node network.

The program source requires Python 2.7 and Pygame 1.9.1. Linux and Windows executables packaged with dependencies are provided.

Github repository

Entrant: jggatc


A pachinko-like puzzle game. Play some balls and watch their movement carefully (i.e. collect data) to reconstruct the board!

Requires pygame and pymunk. One of the files contains pymunk packaged for convenience.

Entrant: Tee


The Datapawns are led across the wasteland on a quest to ruin videogames or something.

Team: scav, Strings


You control a bot that directs data around bad bots that corrupt data.

Entrant: etmaifo


A game in which you run around a hard disk, trying to find a load of data you've lost.

Team: LeopardShark, jbutler

Kill the Tweets

All the tweets with #pyweek, #python and other hashtags are running away! destroy all the evil tweets to free the original tweet content!

Edit: Right now is easier to play the game but it still require to do some manual work:
  • fetch the code from
  • install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • move to pyweek20 directory and run the
  • hopefuly it will work :)
This game is a little complicated to run, hopefully I'll provide a better way to run it but until this happens you have to follow these steps:
- clone the repo at and follow instructions, this project will provide the data for the game
- clone the repo this contains the actual game code in pyweek20 directory
- run the data feed "daemon"
- run the game, press space to skip the splash screen, use A-S keys to move left or right, press W to jump

the game is unfinished as of now but at this point is the best I've done so far for a PyWeek :D

Entrant: focaskater

Beyond the Horizon

If you have any issues with sound (dialog or music), please try the wav version. You are discouraged from playing this game without sound.

The Alexandria array, a set of spaceborne data cores carrying the combined cultural wisdom of a faraway civilization, has gone missing. Their trajectory brought them right to the Charybdis anomaly, from which only data can escape. Someone willing to recover the lost data would have to be willing to become data themselves....


Team: Cosmologicon, marybee


Looking forward to it! =]

Entrant: Master47

Rushing Mania

This is our first PyWeek entry.

Team: BitWarp, hexplus, ApathysBlessing, Abby-Lu

Navigating The Data

A game about navigating an environment which you cannot fully see. I figured I might as well try to use that Data Visualization course knowledge to something.

You're most likely gonna hate it. :)

The in-progress source code of the game can be viewed here.

Entrant: shundread

Data Wipe

Control your robot. Shoot and avoid the computer viruses. Stay on the Screen. Stay alive. Save the world. Typical stuff.

Entrant: Quikli

The Wizard's Data

First collaborative entry (Team Chimera: mit-mit and Lucid Design Art)! Looking forward to playing some video games!

Team: mit-mit, Lucid Design Ar

Fragmented Space

A game about disk fragmentation.

Team: cyhawk, Alex

Swamped Sysadmins

Team: blakeohare, Christine, eofpi, amras0000

Data Blasters!

Data Blasters is a tower defense flavored game in which the player directly controls a tower under siege. But the baddies blend in among a flood of friendlies, so take care to control that itchy trigger finger.

Team: DR0ID, gummbum


This is a game set in a horrifying dystopian future where internet packets are no longer just bits and bites, but little packages that fall through the air to get to your computer. Your job as part of the maintenance crew is to assure the packets can go from the server to the computer using any means possible.

Entrant: Cody

Hacker Intrusion

You're a hacker. Your job is to steal data from the terminals in the building, watch out for guards.

Entrant: paeron


You are a data collecting robot driving through a data pipline. The data is represented as glowing orbs, collect as many as You can! Each data orb will allow you to travel the pipeline for a few more seconds. Orbs can also change your id (color), or priority (move speed). Beware the firewalls! If you are the same color as the firewall, you can bypass it. The counters at the top of the screen will show you how much data you have, what is the id of the next firewall and how much time there is left. Steering: W -faster S -slower A-left D -right Move the mouse to change the heading. You will need Panda3D to run this game ..unless I manage to pack something...

Entrant: wezu

Fragmented ~A Dying Land~

Despite the fancy title, it's really your typical overhead "move a square through mazes" game with a few twists :)

Entrant: Jjp137

Market Master

Stock Market Sim

Github link

Entrant: iminurnamez

Programmable war

Cool drinkable team containing only me and some radioactive materials, like pancakes, their terms of use and Nuclear soda 3. Anyone who might be alien or radioactive may join the team, other may join only if they can write exclamation point and drink water!

Entrant: knowledge

Data Snake

This is my game. I didn't have much time, so there are only 5 levels, but atleast it won't take up too much of your time when you play it. It was great fun and actually, it was only my 2nd complete game! Oh what fun! It uses Cocos2d and Pyglet. I created the game in around 24 hours and there are about 900 lines of code. If you have ANY problems. Please tell me! (not that I can do much about it) :P WARNING: In README.txt, I forgot to specify that I wrote my game in Python 2.7

Entrant: m0dem

igikikat gribrod

1-day entry, after it became clear the entry we started at the beginning was a DNF.

You have been marooned on an alien space station, and swindled into playing cards with the locals in the spaceport bar. Gather enough ``data'' to figure out the game and win at igikikat gribrod.

This is a source only entry and requires Python 2.7 and Pygame. Thanks for playing!

Team: assertivist, paperstarships, mikekronberger

Not your data

  • — Fixed some leftovers from the skellington template. Also removed the generation of some debug images that were generated. Didn't change anything in the actual game.
  • — Final submission

You're a jumping ball and you've got a (data)base to protect.

But're not that defenseless... you shoot homing missiles.

There are data blocks scattered throughout the map which you need to collect, just follow the beacons. But don't get too distracted! The Leechers will try to rob your data, and you need to stop them.

When you collect 100% of the data blocks you complete the level.

However, if they manage to steal 50% of the data you've collected, you lose.

Entrant: Gato

The Gödel Sentence

Story driven game set in a post apocalyptic future.

The world has been decimated. A rogue nation launched a bio-bomb into the upper atmosphere releasing a pathogen into the world's water supply. Within weeks cities were deserted, people dying within 3 days of infection.

You are in a small group of survivors. You must distribute the remaining water amongst your group. You don't have enough water for all to survive.

Use the data available to you to decide who gets water and who doesn't.

The game can be played only once, so choose wisely.

Requires python3 and pygame

There are two known issues, let me know if you find more

  • Some lines of dialog get skipped in second half of the game. The first line someone speaks can occasionally get missed. You can even see this in the video.
  • On my Linux box it takes about 10-20s to start the game. It doesn't do this on my OSX box, which is how I developed it. Hopefully it doesn't do it on Windows either!
  • Entrant: paulpaterson