a screen full of tweets

Kill the Tweets

All the tweets with #pyweek, #python and other hashtags are running away! destroy all the evil tweets to free the original tweet content!

Edit: Right now is easier to play the game but it still require to do some manual work:
  • fetch the code from https://github.com/fpischedda/yaff
  • install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • move to pyweek20 directory and run the main.py
  • hopefuly it will work :)
This game is a little complicated to run, hopefully I'll provide a better way to run it but until this happens you have to follow these steps:
- clone the repo at https://github.com/fpischedda/pywek20_tweet_feed and follow instructions, this project will provide the data for the game
- clone the repo https://github.com/fpischedda/yaff this contains the actual game code in pyweek20 directory
- run the data feed "daemon"
- run the game, press space to skip the splash screen, use A-S keys to move left or right, press W to jump

the game is unfinished as of now but at this point is the best I've done so far for a PyWeek :D


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Overall: 1.8
Fun: 1.5
Production: 1.5
Innovation: 2.5

80% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 2


File Uploader Date
the final build if you cannot use github
focaskater 2015/08/16 06:53
Schermata 2015-08-16 alle 08.45.58.png
a screen full of tweets
focaskater 2015/08/16 06:47

Diary Entries

simplified game testing

Edit: to run the game you have to create a .env file at the same lavel of the main.py with the following content BROKER_URL="amqp://guest:guest@" Right now using the game is simpler because there is a feed server that accept connection from everyone, it sometimes crashes if this happens please let me know and I'll restore everything.