Fire away!

Data Snake

This is my game. I didn't have much time, so there are only 5 levels, but atleast it won't take up too much of your time when you play it. It was great fun and actually, it was only my 2nd complete game! Oh what fun! It uses Cocos2d and Pyglet. I created the game in around 24 hours and there are about 900 lines of code. If you have ANY problems. Please tell me! (not that I can do much about it) :P WARNING: In README.txt, I forgot to specify that I wrote my game in Python 2.7


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 3.3

25% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 9


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Fire away!
m0dem 2015/08/16 13:29
Got him...
m0dem 2015/08/16 13:28
Fixed the title. :P
m0dem 2015/08/16 04:19
Yah! I finished it.
m0dem 2015/08/16 01:25

Diary Entries

Victory: I finished!

I am so glad to have finished this game. It was lots of fun and I had a good time with you all on the IRC. I look forward to playing other people's games. I was planning on doing diary entries, but I did not have the time to spare, sorry... maybe next time. Oh, and I forgot to say that the victory for me is just finishing the game! Last time I got a big fat DNF... not today!