Yet another screenshot of the updated level inteface

Bitstream Manipulators

Bit switching nanobots have infected the game. You must use your own bot to remove the evil invaders and fix the game.


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.5
Fun: 1.9
Production: 2.2
Innovation: 3.3

28% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


File Uploader Date
Slight bug fix and minor graphics update
JFrog 2015/08/15 23:07
My game with fixed README.txt file
JFrog 2015/08/14 20:05
My completed game
JFrog 2015/08/14 19:55
Yet another screenshot of the updated level inteface
JFrog 2015/08/13 21:45
Another screenshot of the updated level interface
JFrog 2015/08/13 21:45
A screenshot of the updated level interface
JFrog 2015/08/13 21:43
Screenshot of test level
JFrog 2015/08/10 18:13
Screenshot of the start screen
JFrog 2015/08/10 18:10

Diary Entries

It Works!

Idea: Bit switching nanobots have infected the game and are destroying the text, so you use you own bit switching nanobot to get rid of those and fix the game.

It sounds good to me, but might be extremely difficult for those that don't have ascii codes memorized. (Or have no idea what they are.)

Anyways, I have made the start screen that will be infected and a test level, (see screenshots) and should get more levels done soon. After that, animations and instructions.

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All levels have been made (by iterating over a string), so now I can move on to animations between levels! And making the game make sense. Because I can barely tell what is happening in the game at any given time.

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Status Report

Current status of my game:
  • All levels have been made.
  • Animations between most levels have been created. Zooming animation to get to first level requires more calculations and moving from the 'm' at the end of 'Bitstream' to the 'M' at the beginning of 'Manipulators' has not been started.
  • Graphics for nanobots requires some work.
  • Animation of the game being corrupted does not exist.
  • There are no instructions for how to play or what needs to be done in the game.
  • User interface shows your health, the enemy nanobot's health, and the target that that character is supposed to be.
  • There is no special screen for when you either win or lose.

Since my game seems to be almost done, and it is only about halfway through the week, am I allowed to make another game? I already looked in the rules, which made no mention of multiple individual entries, only saying that you can enter multiple teams. So, is having two individual entries allowed?


More Progress!

(Sorry about the almost repeating name) All level transition animations have been completed, graphics have been fixed, and the level framerate is still 2. Now it just needs instructions, an animation showing the bots infecting the game and I'll be pretty much done. Also, as a followup to my question from yesterday, even if I am allowed to make another, I don't really have time, so you won't be seeing a (probably) awesome tower defense defense game this time. (Note: Typing defence twice was not a typo)

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More Screenshots

There you go, cyhawk. Three more screenshots, each in a different format (meaning every format pygame can save to except bmp), so you should be happy with at least one of them. The only one that actually looks like the level is screenshot3.tga, which may or may not be better than a bmp, since I have never used them until now.

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Mission Complete

Bitstream Manipulators has been completed! It now has an animation showing the game being corrupted, instructions telling you what the point of the game is and how to play it, and a screen that tells you if you won or lost. Sorry, no high scores, although I could add it in fairly easily if you ask for it. Graphics are still pretty bad, and there is no sound since I have no way of recording any, but that shouldn't be a problem. I highly doubt this game will win anyways. So here it is: Bitstream Manipulators!


The End is Near

So, less than one hour before this ends, my game works pretty well with no visible bugs (although it is fairly difficult to beat the last few levels), and I just got home from a campout, so I haven't worked on it for slightly over 24 hours. This most recent submission contains updated from the hour between my last entry and when I left, and didn't really have much change. Hopefully I don't have anything left to finish, which I don't think I do. Thanks for letting me make this game!



So, while reading my comments a week into judging period, I found out that my zips have no data folder in them. Since this contains one failry important document, it is a problem. As a simple fix for anyone that found this, go to in the BitstreamManipulators directory and comment out line 13. This will skip the instructions, but should allow you to play the game properly. Sorry for not checking before I uploaded!

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This was not a great game. Extremely repetetive, quadratic difficulty curve, (shaped like a U,) and boring enemies. Honestly, I'm not surprised by the bad ratings it got. (Except the part where it says 28% of 10 people marked it as not working. How is that possible?)
It seems that my predictions about this game were very accurate: "Might be extremely difficult for those that don't have ascii codes memorized" and "I highly doubt this game will win". (See earlier diary entries.)
One thing I learned: Making the player launch and move stuff is a lot more fun than having them (slowly) move so toggle bits and destroy stuff by doing that. This leads me to the idea that this basic game idea, with more animations and actually moving the bits would probably be pretty fun, except for the part where you have to match up with an unknown pattern.

In conclusion, I will do better next time!

When is that, exactly? Or where would I find out?

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