This was not a great game. Extremely repetetive, quadratic difficulty curve, (shaped like a U,) and boring enemies. Honestly, I'm not surprised by the bad ratings it got. (Except the part where it says 28% of 10 people marked it as not working. How is that possible?)
It seems that my predictions about this game were very accurate: "Might be extremely difficult for those that don't have ascii codes memorized" and "I highly doubt this game will win". (See earlier diary entries.)
One thing I learned: Making the player launch and move stuff is a lot more fun than having them (slowly) move so toggle bits and destroy stuff by doing that. This leads me to the idea that this basic game idea, with more animations and actually moving the bits would probably be pretty fun, except for the part where you have to match up with an unknown pattern.

In conclusion, I will do better next time!

When is that, exactly? Or where would I find out?

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Haha! It looks like 10 people rated the game and 4 people marked it as "did not work" for a total of 14 people who tried to run it. 4/14 is around 28%. I also look forward to PyWeek 21! It should be soon. The days are getting shorter and the leaves will soon turn yellow and red.