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Hackerman: The virtual hero

A Hacker that fight (literally) with bugs, viruses, trojans, etc. You have to complete differents missions: find out which is the infected data and exterminate it, save the priceless data from infected computers, patch some software errors and so.


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 2.9

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
another little bug fixed, i dont add code just fix what is broken
andarms 2015/08/16 23:41
one level missing
andarms 2015/08/16 23:26
Fix some bugs on the gameplay
andarms 2015/08/16 23:19
Gameplay screenshoot
andarms 2015/08/16 19:44
andarms 2015/08/16 09:08
initial screenshoot
andarms 2015/08/12 05:55
screenshooot game play
andarms 2015/08/12 05:52

Diary Entries

Day 1: !Eureka!

For first time i have a idea since the first day, in last PyWeeks i changed my mind several times about what to do and ended making my game in just four or three days and the extra day for uploads. Now i have a idea and many work to do, maybe i´m being a little ambitious but i hope have a playable game for friday. My github repo for this pyweek , good luck to everyone.

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Day 2: Enemies and HUD

The enemies are a very important part of my game, so i work on them today. i wanna have several different enemies with a special behavior for each class, i passed a couple of hours trying to implement the A* pathfinding algorithm but at the end i wrote my own pathfinding code although don't work like i would want, i am good with the way that they do it. Also i add some basic HUD for display the player HP and to show actions messages. A screenshot will be uploaded soon.

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Day 3: slow day, a few improvements to the gameplay

Today i was a little busy but at the night i made some improvement to my game. Now my hero can shoot in the direction that he want independently where he is walking.

tomorrow i gonna work on graphics.

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Day 4-5: Time flies

That moment when you realize that you are not an designer. These days I been working on my graphics, I have to work several hours until i can get something that i like it and i have to say it: my graphics are not the most beautiful ones but i like create my own sprites so, I can deal with it. i still have some much to do, no time for more details i hope end tomorrow night.

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Day 6 - END

Please download the last one final file

No matter how early start and not get to finish my game early, this is my fourth PyWeek and as usual on the last day still had plenty to do in the end I could not complete many of the ideas he had but at least I have something playable. this week I was busier than I thought so I could not spend as much time as he wanted. But I had fun and learned some new things.

Now to play all the games!!

Hackerman: A Hacker that fight (literally) with bugs, viruses, trojans, etc. You have to find the infected data and exterminate it.

Move the hero with arrows keys, use th W,A,S,D keys to shoot. For actions use E key.

Delete all infected data and kill enemies to get score