Hacker Intrusion

You're a hacker. Your job is to steal data from the terminals in the building, watch out for guards.


I'm So Pixel!
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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2.4
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 2.5

Respondents: 13


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paeron 2015/08/15 16:13
paeron 2015/08/12 17:45

Diary Entries

First day

So, back again for another PyWeek. Hopefully I can stop the habit of not completing :) At least this time work wont come in the way since Im not working, but instead Im home with my baby daughter so time will still be an issue. Ive got an basic idea and has implemented about 20% of the gameplay so far so feeling pretty good this time. Plan is to complete the gameplay in the next couple of days and then use the remaining time for art.

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Starting to feel the stress now. I don't get that many hours everyday to work on the game. Most of the gameplay-code is written now. Still have a few big elements to finish before its actually playable. I think its turning out pretty nice, Id rather finish with some gameplay Im happy about then putting alot of time in the art. But I hope that the last pieces of the gameplay will be finished pretty soon and I can focus on the art and fine-tuning.

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Too much?

Might have gone to big this time with the amount of time Im able to spend. Still have a few more things to finish with the gameplay. Messy coding has begun, do not use my code for an example on how to do things :) Will have to limit the game to one level, wanted to do more but will only have time to make one good one (hopefully).

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Well crap

Final entry uploaded, wont have any more time. Art suffered alot and only got a few minutes of attention, no sound or music ( really looked forward to making some ) but I have no more time to spare. Only one map to play on which also is a bummer but I see this game as more of a prototype. Wish I had more time but my daughter needed that time more :) Had more features planned that I had to take out which is a shame. But hey, its not another DNF :) Looking forward to playing all the great games now!