Well crap

Final entry uploaded, wont have any more time. Art suffered alot and only got a few minutes of attention, no sound or music ( really looked forward to making some ) but I have no more time to spare. Only one map to play on which also is a bummer but I see this game as more of a prototype. Wish I had more time but my daughter needed that time more :) Had more features planned that I had to take out which is a shame. But hey, its not another DNF :) Looking forward to playing all the great games now!

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Hey when I get to the first terminal, an empty rectangular area comes up, and nothing happens until I press Enter and it goes back to the main screen. Is that the end of the game, or is something else supposed to happen?
That is the end of the game, but it shouldn't be empty. There should be text shown on the screen, I have only tested this on the mac I was developing on so may be some bugs if using other OS. I'll see if I can reproduce it.